CanSino Invests in Solution Group To Fuel Advancements In Healthcare and Human  Vaccine Development 

Solution Group Berhad (SGB) through  its wholly-owned subsidiary Solution Biologics Sdn Bhd (SOLBIO), which undertakes pharmaceutical related business, is excited to announce a pivotal moment in its journey towards transformative  healthcare solutions.

CanSino Biologics Inc. (CanSino), a leading biopharmaceutical company at the forefront of medical innovation, has strategically chosen to invest in SGB, acquiring a 10% stake of  issued shares through a private placement through its wholly-owned subsidiary CanSino Biologics  (Hong Kong) Limited.

The strategic investment from CanSino signals a significant step in the  partnership between the two entities, amplifying their collective strength and expertise. This strategic  move not only reinforces the collaborative bond between the two organizations but also propels their  shared mission of pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation. 

A portion of the funds raised through the Proposed Private Placement will be allocated to partially  support the research and development (R&D) endeavours related to human vaccines, specifically  targeting Dengue and Malaria, utilizing mRNA technology.

This collaborative effort involves SGB,  CanSino, and the National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM). Together, these three entities  will establish a dedicated mRNA R&D facility within the MGVI building. SOLBIO will undertake the  responsibility of commercialising the product resulting from the human vaccine R&D project, both within  Malaysia and on the international stage. 

Dengue fever is a significant global health burden, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions. It  infects millions of people each year, leading to a substantial number of hospitalizations and deaths.  Developing a vaccine can significantly reduce the disease’s impact on public health and. Unlike some  other viral infections, dengue fever doesn’t have a specific antiviral treatment. Vaccination is a crucial  strategy to prevent infection, reduce transmission and reduce the severity of the disease.

Developing a  dengue vaccine requires substantial research and collaboration between scientists, researchers, and  healthcare professionals. This process can lead to advancements in vaccine technology, immunology,  and virology that could have broader applications beyond dengue. 

This initiative underscores SGB’s unwavering commitment to nurturing pioneering projects that hold  significant potential to influence global health outcomes positively. By uniting the expertise and  resources of SGB, CanSino, and NIBM, this joint endeavour exemplifies a collective drive to advance  scientific understanding and practical applications, particularly in the field of mRNA-based vaccine  development. 

“We are thrilled to initiate this new chapter of collaboration with CanSino. This investment serves to not only solidify our partnership but also  empowers us to spearhead innovation, thereby making a positive impact on the healthcare domain and  the overall well-being of individuals across the globe, added Dr. Mohd Nazlee. 

“SGB’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare aligns perfectly with our values at  CanSino,” said Dr. Yu XuFeng, CEO of CanSino. “We see immense potential in this  collaboration and believe that our joint efforts will pave the way for groundbreaking advancements.” 

As SOLBIO and CanSino join forces to shape the future of healthcare, their collaboration is expected  to yield innovative breakthroughs that transcend traditional boundaries and create lasting positive change.

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