Datasonic – Virtualtech Frontier Join Hands To Heighten Education Metaverse

Datasonic Group Berhad (Datasonic) and Virtualtech Frontier Sdn  Bhd (Virtualtech Frontier) have entered into a Teaming Agreement that marks the beginning of a strategic  partnership aimed at leveraging their respective expertise, resources, and capabilities to drive  innovation excellence through metaverse in the education technology sector.

The security-based ICT solutions providers in Malaysia teams up with the metaverse development and immersive  technology company under an agreement, signed on 29 September 2023 by Dato’ Syahril Abdullah, Chief of Special  Projects of Datasonic and Jason Low, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Virtualtech  Frontier, solidifies the commitment of both Datasonic and Virtualtech Frontier to explore  various facets of metaverse integration in education. The partnership will focus on five (5) key  areas:

1) Scaling Up and Presentation to Educational Authorities: Datasonic and Virtualtech  Frontier will work together to develop strategies to introduce and scale-up metaverse  technology solutions to relevant educational authorities, including the Ministry of  Education to advocate for the adoption of this cutting-edge technologies in educational settings.

2) Educational Content Enhancement: The collaboration will involve alignment of  metaverse technology with the current curriculum, including enhancement of  educational content, to deliver more engaging and impactful learning experiences.

3) Technical Integration and Security Compliance: Ensuring seamless technical  integration of metaverse technologies into educational environments while prioritizing the highest standards of security and compliance, safeguarding the privacy and data of  students and educators.

4) Scale-Up Strategy and Execution: The partnership will focus on devising and  implementing robust strategies for scaling up their joint initiatives, optimizing  operations and achieving sustainable growth.

5) Presentation and Advocacy: Datasonic and Virtualtech Frontier will work together to  advocate for the benefits of educational technology and make presentations to  stakeholders, policymakers and educational institutions to promote the adoption of  innovative solutions.

Dato’ Syahril expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We are excited to partner with  Virtualtech Frontier on this important journey to transform education through technology. This  collaboration represents a significant step toward achieving this goal by delivering high quality, secure, and scalable educational solutions. It will enable us to provide students and  educators with cutting-edge solutions that enhance learning outcomes.”

Jason Low in his statement said, “We have been working towards revolutionising education  solutions for students which will assist them to be future ready with the technological  advancement our country is undergoing. We have witnessed many schools that are left behind  and their syllabus or structure aren’t modernised which should provide effective solutions to  students. With that said, we are honoured to be part of this partnership and we hope more schools  jump on this initiative to provide equal opportunities to all.”

The signing of this agreement represents a commitment to innovation, education, and the  betterment of society. The metaverse, a dynamic fusion of augmented and virtual reality, holds  immense potential to reshape the educational experience by immersing students in engaging  and interactive learning environments. This partnership signifies a pivotal moment in the journey  towards reshaping the future of education through the transformative power of metaverse  technology. Datasonic is excited about the opportunities and solutions that will result from this  collaboration.

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