Total Coating & Construction Solutions Provider Nippon Paint Assures Threefold Enhancement To Valuable Space

Solutions based on strong research resulting in advance innovation are essential to reduce or defend against the implications of climate change which continues to affect the real estate and other sectors in Malaysia and across the region.  

Malaysia is prone to high temperatures, rain and floods which calls for the sector to look into maintenance as it’s critical to the longevity of buildings in terms of their physical or economic lifespan. This makes it tougher for the public and private sectors to manage costs and condition of properties annually.

Nippon Paint Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Nippon Paint) stands out as the sole provider covering all three crucial aspects of refurbishment, which sets the long-standing company apart from competitors who may offer only one part of these services.

At the outset, Nippon Paint is a renowned market leader in the coatings industry and has earned the position of being the No. 1 paint brand in Malaysia and Asia. In essence, the company places strong emphasis on Research & Development to be the coatings expert in various segments such as architectural, automotive, industrial, protective, marine, waterproofing and flooring.

True to the expression ‘built to last,’ many factors must be taken into consideration to determine the scale of maintenance or the refurbishment at hand, with materials used having a lead impact. The term Refurbishment involves maintenance and repair work to an existing asset or building in order to extend its lifespan while enhancing its overall value.

End-to-End Total Coating and Construction Solutions (TCCS) Implementer

Nippon Paint has positioned itself as a Total Coating and Construction Solutions (TCCS) provider whilst pushing the boundaries to innovate and offer compatible solutions from bare concrete surfaces to the finishing, through a comprehensive range of innovative solutions from architectural coatings, protective coatings to sealants, adhesives, fillers, waterproofing, flooring and dry-mix.

Refurbishment Solutions That Inspire Integrity, Durability and Finish

In setting a new benchmark to deliver excellence in property maintenance within the building and construction industries, Nippon Paint now has the competitive edge to extend a total compatible system for coating and construction solutions that can deliver high quality, perfect finishings and protection, from the floor up to the roof and everything in between.

This comprehensive approach involves Repainting any structure to increase surface protection and recapture its unique aesthetic appeal, Re-Waterproofing to maintain the surface protection of every building to eradicate more serious, irreversible issues in the future and Re-Flooring, to ensures that floors are protected from high-wearing activities while supporting the building’s structural integrity.

This comprehensive approach aims to simplify property maintenance by making it more efficient and hassle-free for any consumer to create a stronger protection, tougher resilience and hardest defence against common issues.

Many lead decision makers have selected Nippon Paint’s professional refurbishment solutions which are aimed at breathing in new life into buildings, improve performance, and extend the life of assets. The ultimate objective of professional refurbishment drives higher occupancy, enhances resale and rental value, maintains a positive image, cost-effective on maintenance, prolongs life span of property, and improves indoor air quality.

The refurbishment approach or solutions has been known to alleviate common maintenance challenges related to system compatibility, improper product usage, poor-quality products, surface preparation and workmanship as these inhibits a property’s longevity.

Nippon Paint provides answers to eradicate these issues to consumers. For example, Joint Management Bodies (JMB) and Management Corporations (MC) now have with a single point of contact, which does away with multiple suppliers, thereby simplifying the process and reducing potential complications with excellent results and peace of mind.

Ensuring Best Workmanship Practices In 5 Steps

In order to ensure the quality workmanship to consumers, Nippon Paint has streamlined a 5-step services process which involves construction site assessment, recommendation and proposal, commencement of work, post assessment and handovers.

Innovating Refurbishment

Repainting, Rewaterproofing and Reflooring solutions are three essential areas needed to ensure better protection and a long-life span.


Nippon Paint’s effective Rewaterproofing solutions have proven to be an indispensable element that protects a building’s structural integrity and preserves its value. Key water leak issues such as interfloor, roof, window gasket, sealant, planter box, swimming pool, which have been a major bane to many, have been remedied by Nippon Paint having collaborated with its counterparts in China to developed its all-inclusive waterproofing system that ranges from NippoSEAL – liquid applied membrane, NippoGARD – sheet type membrane, and NippoCEM – cementitious membrane, providing comprehensive solutions for such waterproofing defects.


Another area which calls for a persistent watch at numerous commercial, residential and industrial properties are problems on floor peeling, floor cracks, road line peeling and other forms of damage. Nippon Paint’s FLOORSHIELD for industrial flooring, CAR PARK DECK for car park flooring, FLOORSPORTS for sports court flooring, and FLOOR HARDENER are innovations which have been widely used to resolve such issues.


In Malaysia’s tropical climate, structures are exposed to extreme weather and high humidity. A building’s exterior can suffer from efflorescence, colour fading, discoloration, high surface temperature, fungus, algae and dirt pick up. The eventual deterioration of a building’s exterior is a foregone conclusion and this is where Repainting with Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series — an acrylic-based paint specially formulated with Quartz Technology — can, not only resolve these issues but offer up to 15 years of surface protection against harsh weather.

The Iconic Weatherbond® Series

Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond® Series possesses the cutting-edge Quartz Technology, setting new industry standards and offering unmatched endurance for exteriors. The marked enhancement with this innovation offers clear, untarnished high quality finish results to more and an increased economic lifespan of the assets.

Unparalleled Durability with Quartz Technology

The Weatherbond® Series ensures exterior projects remain beautiful and structurally sound for up to 15 years, with superior protection against UV radiation, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. The Quartz Technology incorporates microcrystalline quartz minerals that deliver the strongest, toughest, and hardest paint finishing for exterior walls.

Keep Clean Technology

Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond® reinforces a stronger paint film to provide high resistance against dirt and other contaminants like alkaline and efflorescence. Its Keep Clean Technology provides a less porous surface to eliminate stubborn dirt bonding resulting in an effective protection of the paint surface.

Micro Block Technology

Weatherbond®’s  Micro Block Technology also provides a barrier against fungus and algae build-up. These unsightly issues on a building’s exterior would not only create an unattractive appearance, which would bring down its value, but can lead to health issues. In safeguarding against unwanted issues, the result is a hassle-free experience with maintenance and appearance.

Efficient Temperature Regulation with Sunblock Technology

Weatherbond® comes with Sunblock Technology which helps regulate surface temperatures, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency, especially in hot and humid climates.

Sustained Vibrant Colours with Colour Care Technology

Weatherbond® Series’ Colour Care Technology ensures paint hue and colours remain true and vivid over time, resisting fading and discoloration.

Reinforced Resilience with Fibra Technology

The Weatherbond® Series introduces Weatherbond® Ultimate featuring a cutting-edge Fibra Technology which further strengthens the paint film, establishing a resilient barrier that acts as impenetrable, safeguarding against cracking, peeling and deterioration.

Nippon Paint’s Dedication to Excellence

The Nippon Paint Weatherbond® Series consists of Weatherbond®, Weatherbond® Hi-Gloss, Weatherbond® Solareflect Extreme, and Weatherbond® Ultimate which comes with over 50 years of trust, a dedicated sales force and Colour Consultant Team, ensuring a seamless, effective journey and top-notch quality.

Innovation for Positive Impact

Nippon Paint’s philosophy centers on creating innovations that enhance lives and bring smiles to customers’ faces, underpinning their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their expert team continually strives to transform spaces with lasting protection and beauty.

To know more on the Weatherbond® Series, visit Nippon Paint Malaysia

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