IFCA Software, Finology Collaborate: Revolutionise Property Sales With Loanplus Home Integration

IFCA Software, renowned for its flagship PropertyX ERP, announces a collaboration with Finology Group, a leading fintech company in the Asia-Pacific region specializing in embedded finance.

This partnership introduces the seamless integration of Finology’s digital lending solution, Loanplus Home, directly into the PropertyX platform, marking a significant leap in innovation for the real estate industry.

Loanplus Home brings a range of benefits to real estate developers, offering features such as instant mortgage pre-approval, targeted buyer qualification, and a streamlined digital loan application process.

With real-time mortgage financing pre-approvals from leading Malaysian banks, developers can ensure a swift and efficient financing process.

The collaboration between IFCA Software and Finology aims to tackle a prevalent challenge in the real estate industry, where a significant number of bookings—up to 70%—are canceled due to loan application rejections.

By allowing developers to pre-screen buyers based on their loan eligibility, the integration reduces the risk of cancellations, leading to improved sales conversion rates.

IFCA MSC Bhd CEO, Mr. Ken Yong expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “By providing developers with the tools to assess buyers’ loan eligibility upfront, we can significantly reduce booking cancellations and enhance the overall efficiency of the sales process.”

Finology Group CEO, Robin Ang added, “This simplifies what was typically a drawn-out process susceptible to slowing transactions. And, we’re open for banks to collaborate to make this process more efficient.”

IFCA Software and Finology anticipate that this collaboration will redefine the landscape of property sales, setting new standards for efficiency and customer-centric practices.

The integration of Loanplus Home into the PropertyX ERP workflow is expected to streamline transactions, providing a comprehensive solution for developers and buyers alike.

This strategic partnership reflects the commitment of both IFCA Software and Finology to drive innovation and efficiency in the real estate sector, offering a glimpse into the future of property sales.

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