Ministry To Abandon Road Safety Campaign To Cut Costs, Focuses On Direct Benefits

The Ministry of Transport has Anthony Loke Fook Siew decided to discontinue the organisation of road safety campaign launches for every festive season, starting this year. Transport Minister Anthony Loke affirmed that this decision aims to save between RM100,000 to RM200,000 per event.

Instead, the allocated funds will be redirected to enhance existing road safety campaigns, ensuring more direct benefits for the public. Minister Loke emphasised that despite the absence of launch events, the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) operations will continue seamlessly. Integrated operations and law enforcement will persist without disruption.

Loke clarified that while the ministry will no longer organise campaign launches, private companies are welcome to conduct their own initiatives. The key focus is on optimizing the ministry’s budget for more impactful purposes.

The minister suggested utilising the saved budget for initiatives like providing free helmets, each valued at RM55, as an example of a direct and tangible benefit for the citizens. This move aligns with the government’s commitment to road safety without the need for elaborate launch events.

The decision was announced during a media briefing following the delivery of the 2024 Ministry of Transport address.

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