Agong Orders Speaker To Suspend MPs Who Cross Limits

Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Ibrahim has granted permission to the Speakers of the House of Representatives and the Senate to take action against any member who crosses the line, including imposing a 14-day suspension from attending sessions.

Sultan Ibrahim reminded all Members of Parliament and Senate to demonstrate good conduct throughout the parliamentary sessions. He also has instructed all MPs and Senators to uphold decorum and discipline, as well as to use polite language.

“Parliament is where lawmakers gather to create rules and all Honourable Members are legislators themselves.

“It is unreasonable if the lawmakers themselves fail to follow the rules they have created. Therefore, I hope all members will set a good example when in the House.

“Maintain decorum and discipline and use polite language, rather than insulting others,” His Majesty said during the opening ceremony of the Third Session of the Fifteenth Parliament today.

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