New Shariah-Compliant Investment Portfolios Offer Ethical Investing Opportunities

Airo, Malaysia’s global macro investment platform, announced a new range of Shariah-compliant investment opportunities tailored to meet the growing demand for ethical and responsible investing. With the surge in Shariah-compliant financing instruments globally, Malaysian investors are increasingly seeking opportunities that align with Islamic principles, emphasising fairness, risk-sharing, and socially-conscious investments.

These innovative Shariah-compliant portfolios provide local investors with direct access to international Shariah-compliant investment markets, offering a wide range of investment options and returns.

Emphasising the importance of adhering to Shariah principles, these portfolios avoid interest-based transactions and focus on companies with strong management and sustainable growth potential.

These Shariah portfolios cater to various risk appetites, offering options ranging from stable income-generating investments to higher-risk, growth-oriented portfolios.

To ensure compliance with Shariah principles at all times, Airo has engaged Tawafuq Consultancy as its exclusive Shariah advisor, ensuring that investments are made in socially responsible and ethically sound entities.

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