PM: Enforcement Agencies Kept Under Close Watch

To prevent fraud towards fighting corruption, the government will closely monitor enforcement agencies, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Through the monitoring, it would avoid fraudulent activities such as bribery among civil servants who are tasked with safeguarding national security and interest.

“This is a reminder to the Customs, IRB (Inland Revenue Board) and immigration (department). We are monitoring closely and I hope that we can avoid these reports of fraud,“ said the prime minister, who is also the Finance Minister, at the ministry’s assembly in Putrajaya today (Apr 2).

Fraud did not involve all enforcement personnel, but only a few, with some, forced to accept because of the culture in their agencies.

Anwar stressed the reported corruption cases involving officers of the Customs Department should not give a bad image to civil servants because it only involved a small number of individuals in the department.

“I congratulate the Director-General of Customs (Datuk Anis Rizana Mohd Zainudin) for not looking at it negatively, continue to take action, transfer and take disciplinary action (against personnel involved). Don’t let these few people tarnish the image of the public service, “ he said.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki was reported to have said that a total of 34 law enforcement personnel and 27 individuals and company owners have been arrested through Ops Samba 2.0 for protecting and facilitating the activities of smuggling syndicates, resulting in losses of more than RM2 billion for the country.

Separately,  Anwar hopes Islamic organizations in Malaysia will continue to play an important role in driving efforts to educate the people and foster unity in the context of a pluralistic society.

He voiced that hope when he received a courtesy visit from the leadership of Wadah Pencerdasan Umat Malaysia (WADAH) led by its president Datuk Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman yesterday.

Through a post on his Facebook page today, he said that the meeting revolved around the challenges of the da’wah movement, Islamic thought and the role of non-governmental organisations in international Muslim issues.

During his lifetime, the deceased was an active person in fighting for the rights of rice farmers, voicing every problem they faced loudly and firmly.

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