i-Care Marketing Announces Partnership To Lead Haircare Market, Projected To Reach 4.1 Million Users By 2029

i-Care Marketing has announced a strategic partnership with Guardian Malaysia, a leading health and beauty retailer, to launch a new range of treatment and repair haircare products. This collaboration brings a curated selection of Japanese haircare brands – Ahalo Butter, Ahalo Honey, Fun Azum, and Theratis by Mixim – to the Malaysian market, addressing diverse hair concerns.

i-Care Marketing, the exclusive distributor of these Japanese products, aims to provide Malaysian consumers with high-quality haircare solutions known for their premium ingredients and effectiveness.

With the Malaysian haircare market expected to grow significantly, reaching an estimated 4.1 million users by 2029 according to Statistica, this partnership positions both companies at the forefront of the industry.

“Malaysian consumers are increasingly seeking products that not only deliver results but also reflect their values of authenticity and quality,” said i-Care Marketing Sdn Bhd, Director, Brian Tu.

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