Govt Should Not Brush Doctors Grouses Aside

The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) has urged the government to conduct a probe into the lack of doctors at government hospitals.

Its president Datuk Adnan Mat said: “We faced a situation during the Covid-19 pandemic that nearly paralysed our national health facilities.

“The government should take the experience as a lesson to strengthen the mobilisation of health officers at various levels to avoid health facilities operating without adequate staff, as some have been ordered to work overtime to make up for the shortage.

“They are humans who need enough rest, to carry out healthy social activities, and they have families that need their attention,” he said in a statement today, commenting on a viral photo of a whiteboard at a health facility of an apology to patients for waiting up to five hours due to the lack of doctors.

He said Cuepacs hoped there would be no action taken against the person who wrote the note on the whiteboard, and advised that the matter be tackled positively without neglecting the grouses aired.

He said all department heads must play a role in overcoming the shortage of health officers by channelling the issue to senior Health Ministry officials to ensure the lack of personnel can be addressed soonest.

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