Nippon Paint Partners With PPK Malaysia To Enhance Mall Maintenance Amid 4% Sales Growth Projection

Nippon Paint (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd has announced a strategic collaboration with Persatuan Pengurusan Kompleks Malaysia (PPK Malaysia) aimed at elevating the maintenance and refurbishment standards of shopping malls across the nation. This initiative, focused on upskilling industry players, highlights Nippon Paint’s commitment to enhancing the retail sector’s growth and sustainability.

PPK Malaysia, representing Malaysian shopping centers, plays a crucial role in sharing vital industry insights with its members. This partnership with Nippon Paint aligns with the sector’s promising growth, with sales projected to increase by 4% annually.

Nippon Paint’s Total Coating and Construction Solutions (TCCS) provides a comprehensive framework for mall revitalisation. This includes tailored refurbishment solutions such as repainting, re-waterproofing, and reflooring. The structured approach, combined with stringent quality assurance measures, ensures safety, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction. The 5-step service framework covers everything from site assessment to post-assessment and handovers, streamlining property maintenance for mall operators.

PPK, Executive Director, Evelyn Lo, noted that shopping malls have a competitive advantage in bringing people together, and this partnership with Nippon Paint will drive growth in the shopping mall and retail sector.

Investing in training and upskilling is crucial for fostering a culture of safety and minimising potential hazards. Addressing maintenance issues such as efflorescence, cracks, fungus, and water leakage through proper application methods and optimal equipment utilization can ensure regulatory compliance and enhance the structural integrity of shopping malls..

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