Capital A Begins Year With RM244 Million Net Loss

Capital A reported a revenue of RM5.2 billion for 1Q2024 which was more than double the revenue in the same period in 2023. The increase it said was mainly attributed to the strong recovery in demand from both domestic and international travel.

In the first quarter, 89% of the Group’s revenue was attributed to the aviation segment while the logistics, digital and other businesses contributed the remaining 11% to the Group.

The Group reported a positive EBITDA of RM1.03 billion in 1Q2024 as compared to a EBITDA of RM502.2 million in 1Q2023, driven by the improvement in the overall performance of the aviation segment.

For Q1, the group reported a net loss of RM244.3 million in as compared to a net profit of RM26.0 million in 1Q2023. The current quarter recorded foreign exchange loss of RM370.9 million due to the depreciation of local currencies against the USD during the quarter.

About 20% of the fleet (167 operating aircraft as at end of quarter) was not in operation during the quarter., depreciation and finance cost for non operating aircrafts were presented below net operating profit in the consolidated income statement.

The net operating profit of the Group is RM 304.9 million, excluding depreciation and finance cost for non-operating

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