Second 5G Network Players Ready To Sign Deal With DNB

After much delay, Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has stated that telecommunications companies involved in the 5G dual network model implementation are ready to sign a deal to acquire equity stakes in Digital Nasional Bhd.

The minister said the development was in line with the time frame to complete the share subscription agreement for the acquisition of DNB equity stakes by June 21. Adding that the second network will focus on 5G usage in the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) and industrial sectors.

He noted for the second network the telco’s are to agree for the share subscription agreement for DNB equities by June 21 which he said have generally agreed to sign the deal.

Based on earlier announcements by the Ministry telco’s will hold stakes in the national 5G entity and only once the coverage reaches 80% nationwide will the second network can be rolled out. As of May, DNB stated that over 81% if coverage has been reached.

As for the second network, details are still sketchy on who will be leading the rollout and where the funding will be derived from, however the minister did inform BusinessToday in the past that investment will be mostly undertaken by the telco’s.

However, there has been strong rumours that Maxis is the frontrunner for the second network with its extensive coverage and financial stability.

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