Fahmi Fadzil Announces Logo, New Theme For National Day And Malaysia Day 2024

Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil has announced that this year’s National Day And Malaysia Day celebration will retain the same logo as the previous year, with a new theme: Malaysia MADANI: Jiwa Merdeka.

Malaysia MADANI is the cornerstone of the nation’s prosperity and progress, supported by six main core values. Jiwa Merdeka reflects the freedom of the Malaysian people from any negative elements.

This theme also interprets the patriotic spirit, encompassing aspects of thinking, social and economic integration, ultimately forming a strong, harmonious, and progressive unity among the people.

The Launch of the National Month and Jalur Gemilang Fly the Flag 2024 will be held on July 13, the National Day Parade and Procession 2024 on August 31 in Putrajaya, and the Malaysia Day 2024 celebration on September 16 in Sabah.

Additionally, various programs will be held throughout the National Month, including Ekspresi Bulan Kebangsaan 2024, Kembara Merdeka Jalur Gemilang, Program Langkah Jiwa Merdeka bersama Membangun Malaysia MADANI, Semarak Gemilang Kita MADANI, Perkampungan MADANI, Jiwa Merdeka antara Kementerian, and PENTARAMA Live Jam.

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