BHP: Redefining Branded Hospitality Investment In Malaysia

BHP CEO Aaron Yap

Amidst a backdrop of economic resurgence, Malaysia’s property market is emerging from the shadows of uncertainty and poised for a renaissance. 

The nation’s economy is charting a course towards robust growth, with forecasts ranging between 4% and 5%, buoyed by domestic resilience and escalating external demand. As a result, the property sector is experiencing a surge in demand. Bank Negara Malaysia’s recent Economic and Monetary Review sheds light on a burgeoning market, which is exemplified by a 5.7% year-on-year increase in property purchase loan applications. In 2023, the total value of these applications was RM605.3 billion.

Stability reigns supreme, with interest rates held steady, reflecting the central bank’s unwavering confidence in sustaining inflation at manageable levels. Against this backdrop, prime locations such as Johor, Klang Valley and Penang emerge as hotspots, attracting investors seeking long-term value.

In the wake of this real estate transformation, one name stands out—Bangsar Heights Pavilion (BHP)—ushering in a new era of sophistication and exclusivity in property investment.

BHP is part of the Bangsar Heights Group, a company with a legacy spanning over three decades in property development. In cognisant of the changes taking shape in the industry, the group took strategic steps to address the needs of discerning buyers who seek more from their physical hard property and introduced a new concept that is set to revolutionise property investment in Malaysia.

Under the leadership of the visionary CEO, Aaron Yap, BHP transformed into a more sophisticated and refined brand, appealing to experienced professionals, business owners and investors searching for property investment opportunities. The brand’s objective was to provide an exceptional experience, innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Quayside JBCC

A Journey of Innovation and Inspiration

Aaron Yap’s journey to BHP reflects a fusion of unconventional beginnings and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Drawing from a family legacy in construction and 25 years of immersion in property development, Aaron’s vision for BHP is rooted in pushing boundaries and transcending conventions.

Inspired by his experiences collaborating with top-tier developers across the globe, Aaron envisions BHP as a beacon of architectural ingenuity and hospitality excellence. His collaboration with renowned hospitality operators, coupled with a passion for innovation, serves as the cornerstone for BHP’s ethos—crafting iconic landmarks that transcend trends.

BusinessToday asked Aaron what compelled him to venture into this field. Here’s what he had to say, “Early on, I was exposed to a variety of creative and unique development and construction methods. This sparked a real passion for pushing boundaries and doing things differently. This passion ultimately led me to BHP.”

“Throughout my career, I had the privilege of working with some of the top 10 developers in Hong Kong, China and Dubai, primarily in strata developments. What amazed me was how, despite limited land space, these projects achieved such incredible architectural and design marvels. This, in turn, served as an inspiration to replicate this in Malaysia, and is the driving force behind building BHP’s vision.”

Quayside JBCC’s location overlooking Singapore

Aaron developed his desire to build something different for the company. The experience he gathered from his overseas exposure compelled him to view the property market differently. The idea was to bring elements of design, quality, innovation and hospitality into property development.

That’s where he noted, BHP comes in. Aaron assured that BHP is set to become a leader in world-class developments, crafting iconic landmarks that are trendsetters, not followers. “Our core vision is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We have secured prime locations for our current and future land banks, positioning ourselves at the forefront of this exciting new market in Malaysia,” he said. While this concept might be new here, BHP is determined to be a pioneer, paving the way for a strong brand presence.”

The far-sighted CEO attributed the experiences gathered throughout his career is what prepared him to lead BHP in executing these transformative developments in Malaysia.

Ultimately, Aaron said the goal is to provide exceptional investment opportunities for foreign investors, offering them the chance to experience superior returns and a remarkable ownership experience in Malaysia. Accordingly, BHP is here to fill a missing link and address a significant need in the Malaysian market. 

As an integral part of the esteemed Bangsar Heights Group, BHP capitalises on the collective expertise garnered from the group’s successful delivery of premium residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Bolstered by the group’s extensive portfolio boasting over 50 projects with a Gross Development Value (GDV) surpassing RM5 billion, BHP builds upon this rich legacy to offer discerning clients high-value and sustainable property investments.

Presently, BHP maintains a zero-gearing financial stance, signifying the absence of outstanding debt on completed properties. This financial robustness empowers the company to steadfastly pursue its long-term vision and ensure stability, fostering unparalleled peace of mind for its clientele.

Pioneering A New Property Ownership Mechanism

BHP has devised a pioneering Ownership Experience Management strategy that not only preserves but enhances the value of investors’/buyers’ investments.

A concept that has raised attention in the industry for sure, Aaron Yap believes it’s about crafting an ecosystem where every property thrives, regardless of ownership dynamics. Through proactive maintenance, innovative sustainability practices, and strategic partnerships, BHP ensures that the investors’ investment isn’t just protected; it’s optimised for long-term growth and prosperity. 

Aaron emphasises a strategic approach to property investment, mirroring the ancient Chinese principle of ‘Advance to attack, retreat to defend.’ This strategy entails aggressively pursuing high-potential investments during favourable market conditions and adopting a conservative stance—focusing on stable, revenue-producing properties or divesting—during downturns, ensuring adaptability and effective risk management.

Drawing inspiration from Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’, Aaron applied ancient wisdom to navigate the complex landscape of hospitality investment in Malaysia. 

Here, he deftly employs a strategic approach, taking inspiration from the timeless verse “Maneuver and Outwit.” Where rather than merely conforming to market trends, the astute CEO champions innovative strategies to set BHP properties apart. This entails pinpointing and captivating niche markets, devising unparalleled amenities, and sculpting a singular brand identity. It is within these tailored endeavours that BHP has truly distinguished itself from competitors.

Also, by being adaptable and flexible, BHP ensures its properties, in partnership with internationally acclaimed hospitality brands, continuously evolve to meet market demands. This could involve periodic innovation rebranding or pivoting in marketing strategies to align with emerging trends. Such adaptability safeguards and enhances investor returns, making BHP a resilient and dynamic market leader.

BHP functions as a partner to the investor, ensuring investments are guarded and optimised in the best possible manner. Aaron’s Post-Purchase Customer Care strategy elevates value preservation and amplifies growth trajectories for any said investments. It’s a strategy built on partnership, exemplified by BHP’s collaborations with globally acclaimed hospitality brands. Through these strategic alliances, BHP’s investors transcend mere ownership—they form a symbiosis between the purchaser, the manager and the operator.

With BHP, it is not just about assets. It dwells further into a dynamic ecosystem of benefits, from classy membership and loyalty programmes to cutting-edge operational systems by trained personnel and the formidable marketing prowess of renowned brands. More importantly, at every point, BHP ensures safeguarding and amplifying the customer’s investment.

BHP CEO Aaron Yap giving a speech during the official signing ceremony with Hyatt Hotels Corporation

It is this progressive thinking that led BHP to embark on the latest hospitality investment project in the bustling city of Johor Bharu.

Quayside JBCC: Redefining Exclusive Living in Johor Bahru

Central to BHP’s portfolio is Quayside JBCC—a transformative mixed-use development poised to redefine plush living in Johor Bahru. The project seamlessly blends modern design with Johor’s rich cultural heritage, Quayside JBCC promises to offer luxury and convenience.

Featuring 482 serviced residences managed by Oakwood Hospitality and 200 hotel suites under the prestigious Hyatt Place brand, Quayside JBCC epitomises a harmonious fusion of hospitality and residential excellence. With a prime waterfront location and an array of world-class amenities, Quayside JBCC beckons investors and residents alike to experience unparalleled luxury.

Oakwood Hospitality specialises in upscale branded suites designed for extended stays, offering guests a comfortable and amenity-rich environment. The BHP CEO notes that Oakwood Hospitality brings a wealth of experience, possessing the know-how to operate amenities, delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring consistent quality standards. This expertise, he adds, is invaluable as the group moves to integrate hospitality elements into its developments.

Hyatt Place, managed by Hyatt Hotels Corporation, is a globally recognised brand known for its modern amenities, warm hospitality and commitment to guest satisfaction. Aaron said this aligns with the group’s commitment to providing hassle-free experiences for all its customers and residents.

BHP Development Director Ir. Gan You Lam, PJK, Chairman and Founder of Bangsar Heights Group Datuk Seri Dr. Robert Lim, BHP CEO Aaron Yap & Representatives from Hyatt Group

With the proven track record, brand reputation, and expertise that both these brands bring to the table, Aaron believes their par excellence will be instrumental in positioning Quayside JBCC as a premier destination in Johor Bahru.

As for future developments, BHP will be focusing on one development at a time to ensure buyers’ confidence is attained for long-term investment returns. The company has a wealth of land banks in very enviable locations, which BHP said will be developed in due time. Among them are Bukit Ceylon (Bukit Bintang), Jalan Yap Kwan Seng (KLCC), Jalan Raja Chulan (KLCC), Mont Kiara KL, Bukit Chagar (Johor Bahru City Centre) and Tebrau City (Johor Bahru).

Setting the Bar for Hospitality Excellence

Undoubtedly, BHP’s commitment to excellence extends beyond property development, encompassing a vision for elevating Malaysia’s hospitality landscape. By partnering with globally renowned brands like Oakwood Hospitality and Hyatt, BHP aims to set a new standard for lavish hospitality within Malaysian real estate.

Looking ahead, Aaron sees a bright future for BHP and the overall hospitality landscape in Malaysia. As Malaysia’s economy expands and disposable incomes increase, there is a growing preference for upscale hospitality experiences. This trend mirrors a global movement towards appreciating exceptional products and services. Malaysians, whether travelling or at home, are becoming more discerning, seeking not just luxury but also unique experiences that offer a genuine sense of locale. This evolution is fueling a marked increase in demand for high-quality properties throughout Malaysia.

BHP CEO Aaron Yap with the team of sales personnel at Quayside JBCC Sales Gallery

To find out more about BHP’s branded hospitality investment project, visit HERE.

For a visual experience of BHP Quayside JBCC, view HERE 

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