Maybank’s New Feature Allows To Link 5 Accounts On Single Device

Maybank has introduced a new feature, Single Device Access, via its MAE app, aimed at enhancing convenience for sole proprietors managing their finances. This feature allows users to link up to five Maybank2u (M2U) accounts on a single device, combining personal and business accounts seamlessly.

Datuk Hamirullah Boorhan, Head of Maybank Community Financial Services Malaysia, highlighted that customer feedback was pivotal in driving innovations like this. He emphasized that the new feature simplifies the process of toggling between personal and business accounts, reducing the need for multiple devices and saving time.

“This new feature not only streamlines our sole proprietor customers’ banking experience but also enhances security through measures like Secure2u and the ‘Kill Switch’ feature,” said Datuk Hamirullah. Each M2U access maintains its Secure2u for transaction approvals, ensuring robust security standards.

To activate Single Device Access, users need to update their MAE app to version 0.9.25 or above, available on major app stores. After completing the linking process in the app’s Settings, users can activate Secure2u for each M2U access, ensuring transaction validation remains secure and convenient.

This initiative aligns with Maybank’s strategy to deploy customer-centric digital solutions across its markets, enhancing operational efficiency and security measures tailored to local needs.

For more information on how to benefit from this new feature, Maybank customers are encouraged to update their MAE app and explore the seamless integration of their accounts.

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