Bursa Gives Sapura Energy Another 6 Months To Submit Plans

Bursa Securities has grabted PN17 listed Sapura Energy another 6 months till November 2024 to submit its regularisation plans.

This comes afte the High Court granted the company and 22 of its wholly-owned subsidiaries an extension period of nine (9) months in respect of the convening and restraining Orders.

Subsequently, as announced on 10 June 2024, the Company had received a letter dated 7 June 2024 from the CDRC stating that the CDRC had extended the standstill period for the Company and its relevant subsidiaries under the CDRC regime, up to 10 March 2025.

Bursa Securities on July 1 granted the Company a further extension of time of 6 months up to 30 November 2024 to submit its Regularisation Plan to the relevant regulatory authorities.

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