No Policy Paper On RON95 Fuel Subsidy As Govt Focuses On Other Subsidies: Anwar

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim confirmed today that no policy paper has been prepared to rationalise the subsidy for RON95 fuel.

Speaking during the Dewan Rakyat session, Anwar said that while previous studies on the issue have been conducted, the current focus of the government is on other areas.

Anwar highlighted that the government’s present efforts are concentrated on electricity, poultry, and targeted subsidies for diesel.

These initiatives have been in place over the past year, and their effects on the public are being closely monitored before any decisions are made regarding further subsidy adjustments.

“The priority is to evaluate the impact of these initiatives before considering any new measures,” Anwar said.

“Additionally, it is crucial to stop subsidising the wealthy and foreigners.”

This statement came in response to a query from Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadhli Shaari regarding the progress on subsidy rationalisation.

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