Accommodating Hyperscale Data Centres, Feasibility Study Being Conducted

The state government is in the midst of conducting an in-depth study on the development of data centres in Selangor to, among other things, identify the capacity needed to support these facilities. 

State executive councillor for trade, investment and mobility Ng Sze Han said the study is also necessary to identify suitable locations for the development of these centres and the availability of supporting infrastructure such as utility supplies. 

“This is because Selangor has received a lot of inquiries to set up more data centres in the state but that is a challenge (to us). That is why we need to conduct a study to see our readiness, especially in utilities in terms of power supply.

“However, most of these inquiries did not involve conventional data centres, but hyperscale ones used for artificial intelligence applications. 

“These types of data centres require a lot more power than the standard ones,” he said during the question and answer session in the State Legislative Assembly today.

Earlier, Ng told the state assembly that there are 18 data centres currently operating in Selangor compared to Johor’s 20

He added that the development of data centres in Selangor must consider aspects such as nurturing a highly skilled workforce, including the process of technology transfer to local talent and the use of local content in data centre development projects.

Additionally, the state government has organised a focus group discussion involving data centre operators and agencies related to data centre development recently focusing on the availability of utilities and facilities in the approval process, among other related issues. 

Nonetheless, Ng acknowledged that the development of more data centres in the state will drive the growth of the information and communication technology sector. 

“For instance, the construction of data centres, which requires the development of advanced digital infrastructure such as fibre optic networks, a stable power grid and efficient cooling systems, contributes to the overall improvement of infrastructure quality and basic facilities in Selangor, benefiting both the industry and residents.” 

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