Theta Secures RM673.8 Million IoT Contract With Ampang Jaya Municipal Council

Theta Edge Berhad (Theta) has secured a request for proposal (RFP) contract through its subsidiary, Theta Telecoms Sdn Bhd, from the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

This contract, part of the city’s Smart Business Initiative, involves supplying and maintaining cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology for a concession period of 20 years under the Private Public Partnership (PPP) model.

Theta will invest RM673.8 million to develop IoT solutions aimed at fostering a Smart Economy in Ampang Jaya. This contract results from collaborative efforts between Theta’s PPP initiative and MPAJ, with project financing managed by Theta through local financial institutions. MPAJ, as a statutory body, will facilitate licensing requirements and the digitisation of council administration through revenue sharing.

The Smart Business Initiative aims to transform Ampang Jaya into a model smart city by leveraging advanced technology to improve business operations, enhance public services, and drive sustainable growth. Theta will work closely with MPAJ to assess and identify the best smart city solutions to turn Ampang Jaya into an integrated digital district, providing state-of-the-art technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern urban environments.

This joint commitment signifies a major step towards MPAJ’s “Smart City Framework,” developed in January 2022, which focuses on Smart Infrastructure, Smart Economy, Smart Community, Smart Environment, and Smart Governance. As the selected provider of connectivity and digital solutions, Theta will oversee the coordination and implementation of smart city-related solutions and technologies. This collaboration is part of Theta’s effort to support the nation’s smart cities aspirations and improve urban living across the country.

Datuk Nuraslina Zainal Abidin, Theta Group CEO, stated, “Theta has always been at the forefront of enabling innovation. This contract with MPAJ is a clear testament to our expertise in IoT technology and our dedication to fostering urban living through smart innovations. We are dedicated to fully supporting MPAJ in their journey towards becoming a full-fledged smart city, improving overall efficiency in their operations, and services to their communities, as well as creating a more efficient business ecosystem.”

MPAJ’s Yang Dipertua, Dr. Ani binti Ahmad, emphasized the collaboration’s importance, noting that the partnership leverages each other’s expertise to devise the optimal strategy for implementing a smart city, ensuring that MPAJ effectively addresses the community’s needs in Ampang Jaya. “Ampang Jaya will evolve as technology advances. However, achieving the status of a fully smart city might take some time, perhaps around 10 to 15 more years,” she added.

This initiative demonstrates MPAJ’s determination to transform into a smart city, aligning with the State Government’s goal to drive Selangor into a Smart State by 2025. Theta is confident that the efforts implemented under the Smart City initiative will have a positive, inclusive impact on the ecosystem, benefiting both the socio-economy and the environment. Furthermore, this initiative aligns with Ampang Jaya’s broader goals of sustainability and technological advancement.

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