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Kazi Mahmood


Companies Require More Flexible Repayment Options

This was necessary since many companies might go under once the moratorium period comes up and others might be struggling to come back on their feet

The Driverless Menace Is Coming Home

However, the menace is not for drivers only. It is an entire game-changer for the industry that may put some old-fashioned companies out of business because they will have a hard time coping with driverless technology.

The TPP Is Back. The War Is Not Over.

Since the TPP was born, it came with redlines to look at, including access to generic medicine for ordinary people, technology transfer, and cultural and national issues like halal and the Bumiputera agenda

How To Overcome The Difficulty Of Selling Used Cars Online

The company made a deal with myTukar and it makes it easier for the company to have a digital presence, says Abdalla

GST Will Return, But Not Right Away!

Speaking at the ST Connect webinar on Thursday (Sept 2), Zafrul says the government does not want to choke the already fragile growth prospects.

N&E Innovations Plans Scale-up In Post-pandemic Scenario

The startup identified the importance of sustainability and the harsh effects of chemicals as major pain points to eventually engineer its innovative molecular coating technology, Vi Kang 99.

Serious Concerns About Loan Default

The major concern highlighted by observers of the pandemic's economic repercussions was the possibility of companies and individuals becoming cash-strapped

Transparency Key To Used Car Industry Future

To bring this transformation into the business, Jeffrey says the industry has to go through the stages of digitalisation and the need to empower local used car dealers working with MyTukar.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Start Using Analytics

The use of analytics will also help a company to make better business decisions and analyse customer trends and satisfaction.

Musa Hitam Retires From WIEF Foundation

During the 15-year helm of Tun Musa, the WIEF Foundation has organised 13 annual Forums in major cities, such as London, Dubai, Astana, Jakarta, Islamabad, Kuwait and Kuala Lumpur.

Honda Sees 52% Dip In Sales

Honda Malaysia’s car sales for the period of May to July 2021 declined 52% year-on-year101 Honda authorised dealers and their staffs are severely affected Honda...

Youth To Fuel Demand For Online Islamic Banking In Malaysia

More than half of young Malaysian Muslim consumers would adopt Islamic banking if it were more accessible, according to a report from cloud banking...

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