MyIX-MyNOG Conference 2017 Focuses on Telco Connectivity

The first ever jointly organised conference by Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) and MyNOG continued to be faithful to its objective of being an industry-level sharing event that focuses on technological updates in the telecommunications sector.

During the MyIX-MyNOG Conference 2017, Paul Ooi, MyNOG committee member mentions: “Even though the event is held in Malaysia, so far only about 20% of the presentation submissions come from local telco/Internet Service Providers (ISP) engineers. We see more interest from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh and even Myanmar. Therefore, I would like to call on the bosses of local companies and to encourage and support their IT engineers to take part in future submissions of MyNOG conferences.”

Apart from that, Ooi also shared that there has been a heightened interest in the security aspect of telecommunications connectivity. “About 30% of the presentation is about IT security. However, with the recent spike in cybersecurity threats all around the world, it is only natural that IT security takes the limelight in the discussions and sharing amongst technical crowds such as MyNOG and MyIX members.”

Some of the key updates that MyIX highlighted during the MyIX-MyNOG Conference 2017 includes:

  • The Entire Malaysian Market is now connected (according to Cloudflare in the TPIX Peering Forum 2017)
  • MyIX is peered with almost all the top content networks worldwide
  • There are currently 77 different networks connected and 135 physical connections
  • Max traffic is 240 Gbps, as of September 2017
  • Supports bilateral peering arrangement and multi-lateral peering arrangement over Layer 2
  • Supports both IPV4/IPV6 dual stack
  • Reduced MyIX port charges to the point of almost matching international charges (RM8,000 for 10Gbps and RM2,000 for 1Gbps, as of Q1 2017)

The estimated savings MyIX facilitated for its peering members (from 2006-2016) is over RM300 million. Apart from that, Sanjaya, Deputy Director General of APNIC noted that there are about 6.6 million IPv4 and 545,000 IPv6 addresses recorded in Malaysia, adding that currently APNIC has about 14,000 independent network members, 56% of them holds IPv6 addresses.

Furthermore, Malaysia is one of the most IPv6 connected nations in the region, which is partly attributed to strong collaboration between the country’s main telco regulator Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and its licensee.


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