Great Italian Coffee, For Free!

Those who have never enjoyed a cup of real Italian coffee wouldn’t be able to really imagine the appeal of it; the thin layer of foam, a distinctive three-tier ratio, the multi-levels of tastes and feelings in a single cup, with just the right amount of thickness.

Hailing from the iconic city of Sao Paulo, Italy, Arissto launches the first-of-its-kind ‘shared coffee’ programme to promote the enjoyment of real Italian coffee. Within the next three years, Arissto aims to install one million intelligent coffee machines on a free of charge basis in offices, commercial establishments, public and family-related areas and other places. This will allow coffee lovers to enjoy authentic Italian coffee anytime, at only 20% of the market price.

Dato Micheal Lim, President of NEP Group points out that the ‘shared economy’ has been exploding globally, subverting the traditional economic model and drastically reduced the cost of consumption. The concept also greatly improved the quality of products and services, making ‘the impossible become a possibility’ now.

Additionally shared offices, air bed and breakfasts, bicycle services, self-service laundries have experienced a surge in just a few years, promising broad market prospects.


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