Just As Promised

Keeping true to its word, the BMW Group successfully managed to deliver more than 100,000 electrified vehicles to customers worldwide in 2017, as promised at the beginning of 2017. This underlines the company’s leadership role when it comes to electro-mobility.

In conjunction with this achievement, the BMW Group headquarters over at the world-famous ‘Four-Cylinder’ located north of Munich transformed to resemble batteries, representing the technological change that is taking place in mobility.

“This 99-metre-high signal lights the way into the era of electro-mobility. Selling 100,000 electrified cars in one year is an important milestone, but this is just the beginning for us. Since the introduction of the BMW i3 2013, we’ve delivered over 200,000 electrified cars to our customers and by 2025, we will offer 25 electrified models to our customers. Our early focus on electro-mobility has made this success possible and electro- mobility will continue to be my measure for our future success,” stated Harald Krüger, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

In Malaysia, the premium automaker has already established the BMW brand as the most successful premium hybrid brand in the country, delivering over 6200 BMW iPerformance Hybrid Vehicles with eDrive technology in the country.

Han Sang Yun, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia said: “We are proud to announce that Malaysia is the world’s fifth largest market for the BMW iPerformance models after the US, UK and Europe and also the third largest market for the BMW 330 e model after the US and UK.” In fact, for Malaysia, the BMW X5 is the second largest market after the US while the BMW 7 series is the third largest market after Japan and the US.


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