Malaysia Leading A Robust Islamic Economy

Reaffirming the position as a leading global Halal hub has never been easier for Malaysia, with its annual export value of Halal products that is close to RM43 billion to date. Apart from that, the country managed to attract investments worth RM13.3 billion in HALMAS Halal Parks and create over 28,000 job opportunities. These contributed to 7.5% of Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017.

According to Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, Malaysia has once again become the leader of the Global Islamic Economy Indicator (GIEI) for the fifth consecutive year, especially in the Islamic Finance and Halal Food sectors.

With this in mind, the World Halal Week 2018 (WHW 2018) that was organised and led by Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) is collaborating with the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) to steer the growth of the global Halal industry.

“The Government recognises the potential of the Halal industry and Islamic banking and finance, both pillars for the development of the Islamic economy. As such, the government will continue to support the development of these two industries which would provide economic benefit to the country and Muslim ummah globally,” adds Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

This year, the WHW 2018 comprises of three major components:

  • A two-day World Halal Conference (WHC 2018) organised by HDC
  • The Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) organised by MATRADE
  • The Malaysia International Halal Assembly (MyHA) organised by JAKIM

Meanwhile, Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin, Chief Executive Officer of HDC states: “Industry players of Halal products must adapt to what’s happening around us since technology applies to everyone. By incorporating these new technologies into their business, it can help them decide how they can use these tools to develop their business, reduce costs, achieve higher revenue and increase productivity.”

The 10th WHC 2018 will focus on five panel discussions, namely on Game Changer: Economy Revolution; Emerging Trends of Global Economy & Implications to Malaysia’s Halal Industry, the Internationalisation of Islamic Economy: Global Integration & Strategic Collaboration; Halal & Science; and Managing the Brand.

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