The World Startup Festival


The World Startup Festival and its accelerator partner, D’Academy together with Telekom Malaysia Berhad organize accelerator bootcamps for ASEAN startups, in preparing with them for funding and market access. One out of a series of bootcamps with more than 100 startups across Asia, these bootcamsps, spanning one week, will comprise three modules namely Module A, B and C.

Startups which attend the modules and demonstrate satisfactory progression in their business will be eligible to tap into a pool of fund worth USD 20 million, specifically allocated for startups. WSF is committed to invest up to USD 100,000 per startup.

Ahmad Azhar Yahya, Chief Digital Officer TM says, “This collaboration shows our support in creating a thriving startup ecosystem in Malaysia towards empowering Malaysia’s economy particularly through digital and innovation, in line with our strategic goal of Empowering Digital. In addition to that, through our RE program, TM will work startups to give them the opportunity and provide facilities to allow them to grow. At the end of the day, we want to be able to tap in the startup innovation ecosystem.”

Among the startups to take part in the bootcamp is Lauk. Co-founders, Wan Azlan Ahmad and Ahmad Qaiyum Razi who both attended to bootcamp felt they learn a lot to help their business. “We came because we begin experiencing growth in our business and we did not know how to handle it. Through this bootcamp, we are able to learn to solve our problems and improve our business,” they said.

The culmination of the bootcamps is the WSF annual event in Paris from 6 to 8 June 2018. With more than 1500 participants expected, the Festival will provide opportunities for startups from Asia, Africa, North America and Europe for collaboration and funding opportunities.


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