Gender Equality in the Cockpit: Malaysia Airlines debuts its first female pilots

Three Malaysian women make aviation history in Malaysia as the first trio of female pilots to join the ranks of pilots with the national Malaysian carrier.

Pearl Wendy Mak, Wang Wen Chien and Nur Waie Hidayah Mohamad Rasidin now join the group of 3,000 female pilots in the world, a 2017 figure reported by the International Society of Women Pilots.

Captain Mak has been flying for a quarter of a century and admitted readily that flying is not the easiest job for women. More so in the aviation industry, where the majority of women opt for careers as cabin crew or as ground staff.

“So long as you do your part, work as a team and forget that you will be treated differently, you will not be seen as a man or woman, but just as a pilot,” said Mak, who initially wanted to be an aircraft engineer.

Second Officer Wang advises women to never give up on doing what they want, debunking the myth of perceived limitations or gender restrictions in the choice of profession or vocation.


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