Gamuda Land’s One-Stop Centre In the Heart of KL

Remaining steadfast of being a responsible town-maker, Gamuda Land has innovated its way of getting closer to its customers. It officially opens Gamuda Land Experience Lounge Bukit Bintang to the public, establishing its accessibility, ease and convenience at the heart of bustling Kuala Lumpur.

As part of its ongoing commitment to enhance customer experience, Gamuda Land has created a new concept for all its property galleries. Flagship property galleries are now known as experience galleries, while smaller satellite galleries are called experience lounges.

“While we continue to create places that people will call home, want to be a part of, grow up and grow old in, we do not lose sight of our customers. In line with our unwavering commitment to always ensure that our customers’ property journey is as enriching as possible, we have taken a step further to revamp the concept of our property galleries. Strategically located in vibrant commercial centres, the new Gamuda Land experience lounges are designed to give our customers ultimate convenience as well as allowing us to be closer and serve them better,” said Dede Pong Wai Ling, Deputy General Manager Central Marketing and Sales of Gamuda Land.

This experience lounge is the fourth new opening celebrated by Gamuda Land this year but the first located at Jalan Robertson in central KL. It serves as a one-stop centre that showcases Gamuda Land’s key developments and provides a range of differentiated customer services that include:

  • Gamuda Cove, Southern Klang Valley
  • Gamuda Gardens, Sungai Buloh
  • Jade Hills, Kajang
  • Viewing of The Robertson actual show unit
  • Professional property ownership related financial consultancy
  • Financial Health Check
  • Café that serves professional barista creations

“Instead of visiting various places for each area of need, one can enjoy peace of mind by just dropping by to any of our experience lounges or galleries in central KL, Taipan USJ, Klang and Uptown Damansara. Be it prospective or existing customers, we put ourselves in their shoes through constant recalibration and innovation of our value-added services to create unique customer experience,” commented Dede, adding that the company has proactively implemented consistent transformative initiatives.

Besides opening new lounges, Gamuda Land has expanded its recruitment, sent its relationship personnel who are previously known as sales staff, for training on bank loan products, Credit Tip Off Service (CTOS) and Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) assessments and other skills refined to offer better services and professional property ownership advice. Gamuda Land has also rolled out GL Friends, a customer loyalty programme in conjunction with various digital platforms such as Gamuda Land Residence Management App and Customer Portal that provides customers real time access to information they need. More recently the company has introduced GL HOME, a campaign which offers one-stop tailored solutions to assist purchasers to navigate various financial options in bridging the differential sum between purchase price and purchaser’s end financing loan amount.

Whether it is new developments or campaigns, Gamuda Land is relentless in building a stronger brand and better business sustainability.

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