OYO Hotels And Homes Attains 4.3x Y-O-Y Growth Globally

458,000 rooms globally as at December 2018, with Realised Value run-rate of USD1.8 billion, OYO is globally adding more rooms than the world’s top three hotel chains combined

OYO Hotels and Homes, is South Asia’s largest, one of China’s top five, and the world’s fastest-growing chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes and spaces.

Globally, with 458,000 rooms as at December 2018, with Realised Value run-rate of USD1.8 billion, OYO is set to be the world’s largest hotel chain. OYO continues to add more rooms than the top three hotel chains combined. The company has seen 4.3X Y-O-Y growth globally and global stayed room nights (annualised based on December run-rate) increase from 6 million in December 2016 to 13 million in December 2017 to a whopping 75 million (99 million based on December 2018 peak) in December 2018 (with growth of 5.7x on a Y-o-Y basis).

The revenue growth is driven by strong underlying business drivers, notably an increase in exclusive room supply, 5.7 times increase in stayed room nights and consistent increase in commission incomes. Partnering with OYO significantly improves the quality of standalone hotels and the occupancy from 25% to 65% on average, thereby increasing yield on under-utilised assets for asset owners.

In Malaysia, OYO Hotels and Homes is present across 13 cities, including Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Penang, Perak, Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang, Malacca, Kota Kinabalu and is actively expanding across the country. OYO’s chain of hotels has over 150 hotels and 6,000 rooms in Malaysia.

“We have had a great 2018. Globally, we have reached 458,000+ fully controlled leased and franchised keys (rooms) with a realised value run rate of USD1.8B as at December 2018 representing a 4.3x Y-O-Y growth. OYO continues to invest in technology and build long term capabilities while getting the top talent in the country on board.” 
Our capabilities are moats that allow us to stay true to our mission of quality living spaces. We are operational in eight countries. I am very happy that each of our other markets is growing exponentially and contributing to OYO’s journey in a unique manner.
However, we still believe that this is just the beginning and there’s a long way ahead of us. We will continue to maintain this momentum while redefining the hospitality experience for people around the world. We aspire to be the largest hotel chain. The market is undoubtedly large and deep with continuing, significant gaps in demand and supply growth. We will continue to create more value for our asset owners.
OYO Hotels & Homes is a disruptor, in fact, I’d rather say, an innovator which is fundamentally re-industrialising how small hotels were looked at and is bringing better living spaces for the common man globally.” –  Abhishek Gupta, Chief Financial Officer, OYO Hotels & Homes.

Globally, OYO Hotels & Homes is present in 500+ cities across eight countries – India, China, Malaysia, Nepal, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and the Philippines, hosting guests in over 13,000 franchised and leased hotels and over 6,000 homes.


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