Chubb Encourages Employees To Adopt Awareness On Environment Preservation

Chubb in Malaysia hosted ‘Greening the Blue’[1], an in-house event centered around a series of initiatives to encourage employee awareness and action for environmental protection which is In-line with its Corporate Environmental Program and the World Environment Day.

The first initiative in June at its head-office in Wisma Chubb was on educational talk on the importance of recycling. A ‘Less Clutter More You’ initiative was then held from 14 – 20 June, where employees were encouraged to de-clutter their work stations based on the 3R’s rules – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Unwanted recyclables collected from the de-cluttering exercise were then consolidated for the recycling drive held from 17 – 21 June.

During the recycling drive, a total of RM5,000 was collected and which the proceeds  were donated to WWF Malaysia in support of their marine conservation efforts.

The ‘Greening the Blue’ event concluded with a carnival, where retailers were invited to set up booths at Wisma Chubb to sell recyclable and environmental friendly items, such as metal straws pack, plants, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as naturally-inspired beauty and skin care products to Chubb employees. During the carnival, employees engaged in a quiz and environmental preservation related workshops to win prizes while learning how to protect the environment.

“In insurance, we sell a promise of protection, a legacy that we have been honouring since our inception. It is important that we play our part to protect and insure the environment as a legacy for our future generations to enjoy,” said Steve Crouch, Country President for Chubb in Malaysia. He added, “The ‘Greening the Blue’ event is aligned with Chubb’s commitment in caring for the environment. We are committed to our environmental protection responsibilities and we look forward to host more similar events in the future.”



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