Huawei’s AI-Assisted technology services help combat Covid-19 in Asia Pacific

As part of its action plan to help customers to fight
COVID-19, Huawei is providing technological services in artificial intelligence (AI), video conferencing, wireless network coverage and smartphones to nations across Asia Pacific. Huawei has joined hands with countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and others to address on-ground communication challenges, ensuring connectivity and supporting essential services with innovative technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Health systems are the first in line to fight the pandemic. Huawei telemedicine practices have developed on-ground use cases for four key scenarios in the fight against the coronavirus:

Live video streaming, Remote collaboration, Remote diagnosis, and Remote protection, all in
active use in live scenarios across nations in Asia Pacific.
In Thailand, Huawei’s Telemedicine Video Conference Solution deployed in hospitals and
Disease Control Department has enabled government and medical experts with epidemic
prevention, multi-collaboration, online consultations and interactive training that not only
enhances diagnosis efficiency but also significantly helps reduce risk of infection for the
entire medical team.

Thailand’s Minister of Digital Economy and Society launched Huawei’s 5G solution and AI technology assisted diagnosis and treatment system, which equipped with reliable high speed connection and very low latency will greatly improve the country’s efficiency in fighting the pandemic.

Philippines’ Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center installed Huawei’s solutions for AI- assisted CT Screening to help doctors detect Covid-19 cases.

Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Directorate General of Health and Services used Huawei’s video conference systems, to assist the government in combating the epidemic situation, enhancing the remote collaboration efficiency and reducing the risk of infection for the medical teams.

Singapore’s 7-Network leveraged HUAWEI CLOUD’s solutions to provide a daily health check-in platform for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Based on HUAWEI CLOUD platform, Huawei’s AI assisted diagnosis solutions significantly reduce diagnosis time, enabling faster identification and confirmation of Covid-19 suspected cases, with accurate detection of early, advanced and severe stages of the disease thus saving time for treatment and reducing backlog.

HUAWEI CLOUD’s Anti-Covid-19 Partner Program, launched as part of the action plan for fighting Covid-19, focuses on five main scenarios: remote office, AI support, enterprise
assistance, smart healthcare, and online education.

Partners who participate in this program can not only obtain comprehensive business, technological, and market support but will also have the opportunity to obtain free cloud resources worth up to $30,000.

In the healthcare domain, HUAWEI CLOUD provides EI Health, which includes services such as viral genome detection, Antiviral drug in silico screening, and AI-assisted CT patient

On the enterprise front, assistance is provided to help enterprises migrate businesses to the cloud to ensure continuous operations while the pandemic continues.

In the education sector, HUAWEI CLOUD works with partners to provide online education services for schools and other educational institutions. Indonesia’s Ulearning worked with
HUAWEI CLOUD to launch an online education solution which has been implemented in Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta.

Huawei, in partnership with UNESCO IITE and UNESCO ICHEI, recently organized a webinar for online higher education to launch its Learn ON Program that uses innovative ICT technologies to make good education accessible for various groups in different areas during
the Covid-19 crisis.

50,000 students are expected to be trained through online self-learning courses, and classes with more than 100 online “train the trainer” initiatives from April to Dec 2020 that will train 1500+ teachers as part of this program.

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