Bigo Live reaches 400 million users in over 150 countries

Bigo Live, a leading mobile live streaming community, marks its fourth anniversary in April 2020 with more than 400 million users in over 150 countries.

Launched in 2016, Bigo Live is a market leader in the live streaming industry. The platform has experienced huge growth in its user base and streaming activity with an average of 23.1 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs), an increase by 18.6 percent year on year.

Mike Ong, Vice President, BIGO Technology said, “We are heartened by the immense growth of Bigo Live within a short span of four years. As the Bigo Live platform expands its reach at a rapid pace, so does the size of its community and the number of people enjoying the benefits it offers.

“We are excited to be part of this journey – offering more opportunities for video streamers to showcase their talent beyond boundaries and connect with a global audience.”

For the 4th anniversary celebrations, Bigo Live has partnered with broadcasters from across Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines to share various types of live streamed content for viewers.

Live streamed content includes music performances and beauty tutorials among others.

Growth in the time of Covid-19

The company’s continued success, steady growth and active user base is becoming increasingly evident in the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Bigo Live has seen an increased number of users and app downloads as most cities and countries have implemented movement restrictions and social distancing.

“We see the power of Bigo Live in bringing people closer together and as a platform for good during these moments of self-isolation and social distancing. Many people are seeking forms of interaction, entertainment and a sense of community from the comforts of their homes.”

“We recognise the role we play and remain committed to bringing content that connects, inspires and engages the world,” Mike added.

Bigo Live has introduced a series of live streamed sessions with healthcare professionals in response to Covid-19. In these sessions, healthcare professionals share key tips and advice on how to stay safe and healthy, and answer questions from users.

Recently, Bigo Live also hosted the first ever ‘Cloud Clubbing’ session in collaboration with Razer and Zouk on its platform, to bring the experience of a club DJ set while they stay home.

Some live streamers have become paid broadcasters or Bigo Live Hosts, earning an income through the app.

Here are some such Bigo Live stories:

● taiigerJR6, a Malaysian comedian and singer, who often provides love and relationship advice to his viewers. An active Bigo Live streamer, he met his partner on the app and
live-streamed his wedding in 2017.

● Sorn, a visually impaired Thai busker who could not generate a consistent income for himself due to the risks involved with street busking in Bangkok. Since discovering Bigo Live, Sorn was able to transfer his skills online and has dedicated a portion of his generated income to helping the less fortunate.

● Ninot, an Indonesian puppeteer who showcases her puppet Pinot on her live streams. She has channeled her income from Bigo Live into altruism, namely Kembalikan Senyum
Anak Indonesia (Indonesian Children Smile), a charity project for disadvantaged children. Ninot has travelled to nine Indonesian cities to visit disadvantaged children.

● Nguyen Thi Bich, A Vietnamese Bigo Live broadcaster. After her husband contracted cancer, she became her family’s sole breadwinner. Being an official broadcaster on Bigo Live has allowed her the flexibility of providing for her family, as well as spending quality time with them.

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