Rafflesia schools prepare for reopening with Green Packet’s “We Are Ready” campaign

Green Packet Berhad (“Green Packet” or “the Group”) teams up with Rafflesia Education Group (“Rafflesia”), to prepare the students, teachers, and administrative staff to embrace the new norm when the schools reopen.

Rafflesia, founded in 2010, is known for its private and international schools, has two campuses in Puchong and Kajang with over 1,000 students, teachers, and administrative staff.

It being the first school to get ready for the new norm, adds a new milestone to Green Packet’s campaign, “We Are Ready”. Since the launch, Green Packet has aggressively helped businesses resume their operations seamlessly following the easing of the movement control order.

Currently, Rafflesia has already installed two KipleLive thermal scanners at its Kajang and Puchong campus respectively.

KipleLive refers to an end-to-end solution that comprises of artificial intelligence thermal scanners, app for users and software for the management team.

The students only need to have their face and body temperature scanned and they would be allowed into the building without any physical contact, so long they do not experience any feverish symptoms.

Furthermore, the app also allows students and teachers to key in their personal and family details as well as their recent travel records for contact tracing purposes.

With the data stored digitally, the schools will have a clear and precise reporting on the roster and schedule while managing the staggered lunchtime and break hours among the teachers, staff administrative, and students effectively.

In a statement, CC Puan, Group MD and CEO of Green Packet said they are proud to work with Rafflesia to prepare the students, teachers, and staff administrative to embrace the new norm when schools are allowed to open.

“A crucial sphere is one that entails the education of our young.”

Echoing on the same sentiment, Andrew Crompton, the Principal of Rafflesia, said the pandemic has led to school closures for nearly three months. Although we are unsure when the schools will be reopened, it is important for educators like us to get ready to embrace a new norm and find ways to curb the transmission of Covid-19.

“Today, many parents are concerned about the safety of their children going back to schools,” Crompton said.

According to Puan, this campaign serves as a call out to get Malaysian businesses to embrace the new norms to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic by accelerating the adoption of digital transformation.

“Lately, we have gained a lot of interest from various parties and that is good news. People are taking serious actions to help curtail the spread of Covid-19 and ensure that the buildings and premises are safe for their community,” he said.

The KipleLive solution can also be used symbiotically with Green Packet’s fintech brand, kiplePay, an e-wallet payment system used by universities, restaurants, and small businesses. With the coronavirus outbreak and rise of hygiene concerns, adopting cashless services will be seen as one of the options for the schools to explore and thrive.

“Perhaps, it is also a good time for all schools to go cashless. Less handling of cash means less spreading of viruses, less theft and less bullying. The simple analytics recorded in the mobile app will be able to show useful information on how the kids are spending their money in school,” Puan enthused.


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