RHB Asset Management launches RHBAM MyInvest for EPF members

RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd has launched “RHBAM MyInvest” for Employees Provident Fund (“EPF”) members to invest in RHBAM or RHB Islamic International Asset Management Bhd (“RHBIIAM”)’s unit trust funds under the list of EPF-Members Investment Scheme (“EPF-MIS”) online connected through the EPF i-Invest investment facility.

Customers who are EPF members are provided easy access to RHBAM MyInvest through the EPF i-Invest investment facility, which makes available to them various investment options provided by RHBAM and RHBIIAM.

The facility allows new RHBAM customers, who are EPF members to open online accounts, while existing customers who are EPF members need only to activate their account credentials within the RHBAM MyInvest platform, prior to transacting.  Upon logging into the EPF i-Invest, EPF members may choose from RHBAM and RHBIIAM’s wide range of unit trust funds under the list of EPF-MIS in various asset classes to suit their long term investment goals.

“Volatile market conditions provide ongoing investment opportunities to our customers as well as EPF members. As digital platforms continue to disrupt and dominate the market and we see more and more investors turning to online platforms to conduct their financial transactions and fulfil their investment needs, the launch of RHBAM MyInvest provides us with great opportunity to serve our investors better. The inclusion of RHBAM and RHBIIAM’s unit trust funds under the list of EPF-MIS in the EPF i-Invest investment facility, allows EPF members to transact and monitor their consolidated investment portfolio holdings and respective fund performances. Access to real-time information through digital means also facilitates the making of better and more informed investment decisions,” said Eliza Ong, Managing Director, RHB Group Asset Management.

“We continue to seek opportunities to empower and create better value for our investors, especially in the area of digitalisation. Moving forward, we are developing new thematic funds in sectors such as e-commerce, cyber security and online education. It is a fitting time to review our offerings in this rapidly evolving market to take advantage of potential investment upside while mitigating potential risks for our clients,” added Eliza.

The launch of RHBAM MyInvest is in-line with RHB Banking Group’s Digital Transformation Plan and forms part of its 5-year FIT22 strategy, which further solidifies the group’s role as a leading financial services provider.




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