MDEC kicks-off MTM 2020 with 4IR-focused investments and growth in the new norm

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has officially opened the virtual doors to its highly anticipated month-long campaign, the Malaysia Tech Month 2020 (MTM 2020).

MTM 2020 will include the nation’s robust and versatile digital and technology ecosystem, showcasing the extensive list of successes for several innovative companies via a series of thoughtfully curated programmes. 

The programmes are specially made for startups, entrepreneurs, government stakeholders, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), tech leaders, as well as local and foreign investors.  

MTM 2020 aims to emphasise and fortify Malaysia’s role in expanding the digital economy and its first-mover position in ASEAN, while drawing attention to the country’s readiness in leveraging opportunities that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will spur and inspire. It will also provide a platform for a wide-ranging array of events, highlighting multiple collaborations with industry partners that are taking place throughout November. 

MTM 2020, as the overarching umbrella platform for all digital and tech industry events in November, will do more than reinforce Malaysia’s central role in Southeast Asia’s digital economy. In fact, the marquee events that MDEC is putting together and the other tie-in programmes from ecosystem partners will further reinforce the country’s position as the Heart of Digital ASEAN.

“MTM 2020 will support  Malaysia’s Shared Prosperity ambition as the digital economy continues to show tremendous potential for equitable opportunities. Beyond strengthening the confidence of our country as a compelling digital and tech investment hub for Southeast Asia, MTM 2020 enables us to further our collective goals in building a 4IR-ready workforce and widen our efforts to drive forward border-spanning innovations,” said MDEC Chairman, Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff. 

He also added that “advancing the digital and tech investments, and digital business ecosystem will allow Malaysians to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth as we broaden our pursuits for digitalisation. 

I believe, in bringing together inspiring leaders and innovators, to showcase the very best that Malaysia has to offer, MDEC will continue to stimulate the growth of 4IR technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

All these, and so many more high-tech innovations, will act as the catalysing shifts for user  consumption, lifestyle changes, and workspace optimisation.” 

“We are sparing no efforts to ensure digital technologies remain central to Malaysia’s socio-economic growth in this new norm. To achieve this, we must also ensure that the initiatives – both current and upcoming – are relevant to the unique needs that start-ups and SMEs. 

They must start to think regional and then go global. MTM 2020, serving as a strategic extension of the government’s continued push to develop and sustain a vibrant digital economy, will help to set the stage for digital-led economic growth,  including attracting critical investments for the digital and tech sectors,” Surina Shukri, Chief Executive Officer of MDEC shared.


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