HSBC Malaysia launches first online Omni Collection solution with Zuellig Pharma Malaysia

HSBC Malaysia has launched its first online Omni Collection solution with Zuellig Pharma Malaysia, a distributor of healthcare and pharmaceutical products in Malaysia. 

“HSBC Malaysia has collaborated with Zuellig Pharma Malaysia on several customised solutions over the years. Most recently, we customised a solution that specifically addressed pain points in their collections and payments process,” Stuart Milne, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Malaysia said.

“By co-creating solutions with our major customers such as Zuellig Pharma, we can help to accelerate the digital revolution, bringing improved customer service and efficiency across the economy,” he added.  

As an organisation that embraces digital transformation, Zuellig Pharma Malaysia has been consistently on the lookout for ways to further streamline their customer journey. HSBC worked closely with the team over a period of eight months to reduce the company’s mid-tier channel physical payments, channelling this directly through a customised HSBC Omni Collect Online solution. 

“HSBC Omni Collect Online integrates the solution of HSBC’s partner GHL ePayments Sdn. Bhd, one of the top ASEAN payment service providers, Zuellig Pharma Malaysia’s existing digital systems and HSBC’s own innovative solutions to deliver and receive incoming proceeds. 

This is known as end-to-end solutioning, where a 3-way system is integrated to channel and redirect the receivables in a seamless and convenient way,” said Shayan Hazir, Country Head of Global Liquidity and Cash Management, HSBC Malaysia. 

Using AskZip, Zuellig Pharma’s in-house artificial intelligence (AI) enabled chatbot, not only are their customers will be able to enquire account status and receive live feed queried data with the help of the AI query response. 

“By customising our Omni Collect Online solution, Zuellig Pharma Malaysia’s customers will now have a comprehensive view of their outstanding payments and the direct choice for settlement via FPX,” Shayan shared. 

“With the HSBC Omni Collect Online solution integrated with our proprietary chatbot AskZiP and soon with our eZRx online ordering platform, we will now be able to offer a smooth and fast online payment experience, accelerating banking reconciliation and credit management. This supports our efforts to continuously improve our customers’ experience,” addressed Louis Georges Lassonnery, Chief Executive Officer of Zuellig Pharma Malaysia. 

“HSBC is investing heavily in new technology, leading to improved products and services. For example, our Omni Collect Online solution through HSBCnet, our award-winning digital banking platform, now offers online businesses a simple way to collect payments from their customers, whether via credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, DuitNow, etc. 

This results in an improved experience for the consumer as well as much improved efficiency for online businesses,” concluded Stuart.  

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