Alibaba Cloud Strengthens Foothold In Malaysia

As the nation aspires to become a leading digital player in the region, the rush to transform and adopt new technology is being accelerated in every sector, be it the private or the public. Cloud service providers have been assisting many companies and even governments to move their system up to the cloud. Leading providers like Alibaba Cloud noticed the growth in customer base in a wide range of industries throughout Malaysia, giving the anticipation that 2021 will see increased interest in its solutions.

The company attributes the reasoning behind its strategy that has been to strengthen the ecosystem made up of local partners and supporting the digital transformation embarked by customers. Alibaba Cloud has accumulated many new customers ranging from various industries including technology, banks, FinTech, retail, internet, media and hospitality industry. Jordy Cao, General Manager of Malaysia, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence said, “Alibaba Cloud’s growing momentum in Malaysia demonstrates how cloud-based intelligent solutions can be successfully applied for digital transformation in all industries. Moving into 2021, the company aims to enhance the collaboration efforts with more independent software vendors and provide tailor-made solutions to customers putting more resources on managed service partners.

Alibaba Cloud offers some of the most sophisticated solutions available for transformation leap, customers were able to utilise proven technologies such as cloud computing, database and artificial intelligence allowing industry players to develop innovative solutions that can meet their own specific demands.

Among the companies that signed board in 2020 including banking giant CIMB, Revenue Monster which was the first in Malaysia to implement cloud infrastructure to comply with Central Bank requirements. Others were Genting Malaysia, PrestoMall and Sabah Credit Corporation the appointed agency to develop the state’s e-wallet platform.

Ranked by Gartner as the biggest Infrastructure as Service (IaaS) provider in the Asia Pacific region for the third year in a row, Alibaba Cloud is the only international cloud service provider operating two local datacenters in Malaysia since 2017, this assures its customers on the proposition of their data sitting within the county.


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