280 villagers from Kampung Gusi Ranau to receive High-Speed Satellite Broadband

Common Tower Technologies Sdn Bhd (CTT) and MEASAT Global Berhad (MEASAT) have successfully deployed CONNECTme NOW, an innovative, prepaid high-speed WiFi hotspot service for the community of Kampung Gusi Ranau in Ranau Sabah. 

The initiative is in regards to the incident where students in Kampung Gusi Ranau were recently injured after a bridge had collapsed while they were attempting to obtain mobile broadband signals for online learning.

In order to ensure an immediate solution to the community, CTT a wholly-owned company of Warisan Harta Sabah Sdn Bhd, an investment arm of the Sabah State Government was approached to provide broadband connectivity through Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) service.

“In urban areas, networks are being pushed to their limit as more people stay home to work and learn remotely. What more for rural areas like Kampung Gusi Ranau, where infrastructure is a challenge and it would take time/effort to deploy terrestrial communications for connectivity,” CTT’s General Manager Law Chun Ming said.  

“CONNECTme NOW by MEASAT was the ideal solution to provide quick upgrades to improve Internet communication and reliability, so the students and the community of Kampung Gusi Ranau have the connectivity they need to help navigate the challenges especially during this Covid-19 pandemic,” he concluded.  

CONNECTme NOW is satellite-based and available exclusively in Malaysia. Delivered by employing VSAT and High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology, the service is a sustainable prepaid business model for rural broadband connectivity. 

With no contract or fixed monthly charges, subscribers only pay for what they use with Prepaid Access Code (PAC) vouchers at CONNECTme NOW community WiFi hotspots. 

“High-speed satellite broadband is a game-changer for rural communities, and MEASAT is pleased to be able to rely on our strengths to quickly deploy broadband services in the remote and interior areas of Malaysia” MEASAT’s Chief Operating Officer, Yau Chyong Lim stated. 

“With CONNECTme NOW, Malaysia’s first prepaid satellite broadband WiFi Hotspot service at Kampung Gusi Ranau, the community can immediately enjoy broadband services with the speed of up to 30 Mbps by purchasing affordable prepaid Vouchers which provides users the freedom to choose data packages according to their needs” he added. 


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