iPrice studies job satisfaction & gender diversity rates of e-commerce

Meta-search website, iPrice Group has collected data to assess the gender diversity and employee satisfaction rates of the top three Asian e-commerce firms in seven countries.

There is significant gap in certain top-level positions in Southeast Asia’s e-commerce, especially at the C-level position. Just 31 percent of females have C-level positions, while males hold 69 percent of these names. 

The same goes for the position of Vice President. In the top e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia, 62 percent of Vice Presidents are men, while just 38 percent are women.

The distance is narrower, however, when it comes to Senior Vice President (SVP) positions. Of the top e-commerce SVPs, 44 percent are women, while 56 percent are men. 

Similarly, in department head positions, the difference is smaller. Of these positions, 41 percent are taken by women, while 59 percent are taken by men. 

Overall, when it comes to being in positions of power, there is a 60-40 gap between men and women. 

Hong Kong has the highest percentage of women in control in the top e-commerce businesses in Southeast Asia, relative to all seven nations, where 55 percent of the top-level positions are currently women. At 46 percent and 44 percent respectively, Vietnam and Thailand lead behind Hong Kong.

In the Philippines, women occupy 39 percent of these top-level positions, led by Malaysia (37 percent), and Indonesia (36 percent).

Surprisingly, Singapore has the least women in power in Southeast Asia with 35 percent. This was similar to iPrice’s previous study in 2018 that the city-state had an overall 34 percent of women in these top-level positions.

In terms of job satisfaction, the ratings are average to above-average (from a 3-star to a 4.3-star rating) in all seven countries. 

Half or more of these employees would recommend e-commerce companies as a workplace to their friends, while e-commerce Chief Executive Officers (CEO) have high approval ratings (66-97 percent). 

Indonesians are the most satisfied with the e-commerce industry as a workplace. According to iPrice’s data gathered from Glassdoor, Indonesians give these e-commerce companies a 4.3-star rating. 90 percent of the participants would recommend these companies to a friend, while 97 percent of them approve of their CEOs. 

The next most satisfied employees are Filipinos. They give their top three e-commerce companies a 3.8-star rating, while 76 percent of them would recommend the companies to friends, and 87 percent of them approve of their CEOs.

For more information about the study, readers can click the link here: https://iprice.ph/trends/insights/does-a-new-industry-like-e-commerce-give-job-satisfaction/?nocache=1

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