Eurocham Malaysia’s BizTalk emphasises on the need for digitalised logistic solutions

Speaking at the webinar titled Digitalisation in logistic solution: “Paving the way for success amidst a pandemic era”, Federal Express (FedEx) Singapore and Malaysia, Marketing Head, Keh Chin Chai shared insights of digitalisation in logistics solutions and Brexit impact to business.

When it comes to pivot during a pandemic era, FedEx has successfully implemented their strategy on leveraging their digital economy by reconfiguring their supply chain management, focus on end to end supply chain constraint management, redefine the alternate supply by securing the logistic capabilities.

Keh Chin Chai emphasised on the urgency to adopt seamless logistics, attain through managing the handling customer package, providing accurate information and documentation for a smoother clearance process and automation. That includes the airway bill, commercial invoice and other additional information for controlled items.

Since the beginning of pandemic, strategy implemented by FedEx has enabled the company to pivot and connect with more people. “The customer buying pattern has now shifted and businesses need to tailor their business strategy according to their business needs,” said Keh Chin Chai.

In addition, Brexit will bring a significant impact on business and logistic services. Given the trade and changes in the UK importation tariff rate, businesses are advised to be aware of the potential change and understand the trade exchange policy toward their logistic operation. 

“As the terms of the future trading relationship between the UK and EU remain uncertain, they must register the EORI immediately and importers should consider setting up a deferment account. Consumers should be aware of the potential for change in the logistic services,” added Keh Chin Chai.  

The ultimate goals are to form the logistic management tools that will optimize the overall cost and build efficient operation which progressively covers aspects such as network compliance, road network schedule, chance capability, customer support, system configuration and employee assistance.

Meanwhile, the biztalk run by EUROCHAM has also represented the insight from SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp) shared by the director, business development and entrepreneur of SME Corp, Czarif Chai Abdullah.

During the webinar, he has identified the rise of megatrend gaining prominence. There are four key business areas businesses need to be aware of so then the trend can be used for a new solution to leverage their market respectively.

Notably, 90 percent of contribution to Malaysia’s economy comes from SMEs and will continue to grow. As part of enhancing the digitalising of SMEs community, SME Corp Malaysia as the central coordinating agency for SME development are to remain function to enhance the SMEs building capacity.

“SME Corp offers various capability improvement programs suited to each business needs. We also provide coverage, incentive, grant, soft loans, hybrid financing and funding accessible through SME banks,” added Czarif Chai Abdullah.

As pandemic has reversed the economies in large scale, business is expected to restructure their process to recover from the damage. Adopting technology in accordance with the consumers habits, expectations and behaviors is inevitable for business to pivot.


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