IJM Land Rings In The Year Of The Ox With Kindness For Underprivileged Families

To start the Lunar New Year on a good note, prominent developer of Seremban 2, IJM Land Berhad strives to show compassion to those who are less fortunate in this year’s Chinese New Year Charity Programme, an annual initiative to aid and impart joy to families who have been struggling to make ends meet.

In the hopes of making a positive and life-changing impact amidst the pandemic, IJM Land took the initiative to contribute daily necessities to ease the burden of three underprivileged families residing in the Seremban community following the announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Seremban.

IJM Land’s Senior General Manager, Hoo Kim See anticipated that this annual Chinese New Year Charity Programme would create a ripple effect of inspiring others to show empathy and lend a helping hand to those less fortunate, especially when the time of pandemic is still ongoing. 

“May our love for each other bind us together as the pandemic keeps us apart. With IJM Land operating in Seremban for over two decades, we are devoted in extending support to those in need to show our care and love by giving them the best they deserve,” said Hoo.

“During these difficult times especially with the implementation of MCO, we hope our contribution will not only bring these families a sense of relief and comfort in preparation for Chinese New Year, but also remember not to lose hope in moving forward towards a better outcome.”

The ongoing pandemic has caused significant financial struggles for certain families – causing them to sink into despair when they find themselves in a difficult situation even when trying to purchase essential goods for their family during this difficult time.

Hoo shared that understanding the backgrounds of these three families enabled the staff members of IJM Land to provide the necessary support and assistance for what they truly need.

One of the beneficiaries which IJM Land extended a helping hand is Swee Szu Hwei, a 42-year-old housewife and mother of five children has been struggling financially to support the family along with her husband’s two orphaned nieces. IJM Land also aided two other recipients: Wan Chew Liean, a 41-year-old single mother with four children who has been in a dire straits since the passing of her husband last year due to lung and heart failure, and Cheong May Wan, a 38-year-old financially-deprived single mother of three who encountered a salary cut during the pandemic.

Led by Hoo and IJM Land staff members, each family were given goodie bags comprising of grocery items including bihun, mushrooms, homemade festive cookies and other Covid essential items worth RM700, as well as a red angpow blessing of RM800 that will help ease their burden in preparing for Chinese New Year celebration. 

“As we welcome in the new year, let us always remember those in need and make it a tradition to bless them with an act of kindness every Chinese New Year,” Hoo concluded.


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