Revenue Monster to empower live selling market with one click payment solution

Malaysian financial technology company, Revenue Monster is looking to further propel the multi-billion dollar market of social media and live selling through the introduction of their eInvoice and LivePay features that both require zero upfront set-up cost.

The platform’s new features are aimed at empowering the thousands of Malaysians who have since turned to online selling to make ends.

Commenting on the features,  Amanda Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Revenue Monster said, “Many are looking for alternative means to survive and online selling is quickly establishing itself as the most viable options. With zero upfront set-up cost, the eInvoice and LivePay features will enable even the smallest of businesses to utilise professional level payment systems to fully capitalise on the growing online marketplace.”

Overall, live selling has already proven to be successful for local businesses. Therefore, using the eInvoice feature, micro enterprise can build more efficient operation. This feature will act as centralised hub for businesses to manage and secure payments in all platforms virtually.  

One Click Payment link will enable the customer to pay in their preferred way with one simple click of the link. For live selling on Facebook, simply paste and pin the LivePay link at the top of your live stream chat and customers can use the link to purchase at any time.

“Revenue Monster’s eInvoice and LivePay features link directly to the integrated merchant hub which allows users to track payments in real-time and receive notifications upon every successful payment. Combined with Revenue Monster’s unified payment solutions, users will be able to accept payments from a variety of sources such as eWallets, online banking and credit/debit cards using a single payment acceptance tool,” added Amanda Chin. 

Meanwhile, a variety of industries are already benefiting from Revenue Monster’s including eInvoice and LivePay such as training and education centres and religious associations

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