MyGroser’s Essential Guide To Lockdown 2.0

For this season two Great Malaysian lockdown, we’re back at home again. has a curated list of essential items you could store at home according to your lockdown character.

The Home Chef

Now that MCO 2.0 is in motion, it’s time to bring back that dedicated and experimental home chef. Your list of essentials should include the basics of any kitchen pantry so that you are always prepared to make your favourite recipes, even if you don’t have time for a last minute trip to the grocery store. From boxed pasta and rice to chicken broth, milk and canned tomato sauce, you need to find all the basics.

The Workout Wonder

A full lockdown means more time spent getting that beach body ready because it never hurts to have abs while daydreaming of the days where we’ll indulge in some vitamin sea. Fitness and eating well come hand in hand so never skip out on stocking up on some nutritious foods. The Workout Wonder will need extra fuel for those intense HIIT workouts and nothing is more delicious than a serving of greek yoghurt, rolled oats and fresh fruits.

The Zoom Caller

Welcome to the reality of working from home. The only thing more disappointing than not seeing your colleagues every day is the lack of access to the office pantry. The Zoom Caller is a master at not getting caught eating during a virtual meeting and the tip is to make sure you’re on mute when you’re not speaking. A light snack like crunchy nuts and sweet chocolate with a cup of coffee will help you stay alert for your next discussion.

The Yogi

Practising meditation and mindfulness can go a long way in ensuring your mental health is on track, especially during these trying times. The Yogi knows this well as taking time to step on the mat even if it’s for 15 minutes can help you centre your chakras. Bring in tranquillity and calm into your life with the right diet. Do this by incorporating more fresh vegetables and superfoods into your diet.

The TP Hoarder

Equipped with endless rolls of toilet paper, disinfectant sprays and masks, the TP hoarder is well prepared for any germs and viruses that come their way. They cherish their anti-virus cupboard and will always be ready to whip out their credit card should stock run low.

My Groser is Malaysia’s leading independent, online fresh food and grocery that offers consumers and businesses delivery services and access to a selection curated from over 15,000 products listed in fresh produce (meats, seafood, vegetables), fruit and dairy, frozen food, dry food, groceries, premium products and daily essentials catalogues; and a selection of Ready-to-Eat cooked meals and foods for delivery. The list above is just a taste of some of the things that Malaysians enjoy every day and can’t possibly live without. Purchase all the essential items on with delivery straight to home for customer comfort.

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