Pos Malaysia Implements Full Contactless Delivery System

Usually, if we are expecting parcels or packages from Poslaju, we must also prepare our ID card to avoid any hassle on the receiving process. Another proof one can provide is signature which also involves contact between the runner and the customer.

MCO and Covid-19 has made us more paranoid to be close with people. Pos Malaysia saw this paranoia occurrence which led them to come up with a new method which is beneficial for both parties as well as reducing the time consumption for the delivery process.

Pos Malaysia has disclosed that a new system has been integrated which is totally contactless. The process is basically the recipients will be provided with 6-digit verification code that corresponds to the package they are receiving. 

The code will be sent by Pos Malaysia through SMS on the day of delivery. This can also let recipients communicate with the runner if they are free to receive the parcel as well as easier for the runner to inform them of their arrival.

The postmen also can be asked to leave parcels at the entrance of the recipient’s home or office reception area upon verification, which can then be collected after their departure. This system is almost the same with the system used for Poslaju EziBox in which recipients will receive code to unlock the mail box at any EziBox nearest to them.

Hence, as this system relies thoroughly on the mobile numbers, be sure that you provided to the senders are updated and precise. This would help you to avoid any hassle or difficulties as the parcel is out for delivery.

In conclusion, the implementation of this system is going to bring a lot of convenience to both postman and recipients. Also, in the midst of pandemic, to avoid contact is a must regardless of what position. Hence, with that said, this method is a good initiative taken by Pos Malaysia.

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