AirAsia Fresh expands its offering through Fresh Pack

AirAsia App has announced a new way of purchasing fresh groceries online through Teleport as its strategic delivery service partner. The new initiative will allow shoppers to customise their grocery bundle selection from four categories at a flat price of RM30.

“Digital is a new way of living, with this innovation, we want our shoppers to maximise their experience with AirAsia value, variety and convenience direct to their doorstep. We are working closely with our range of farmers supplying the fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and daily pick with fast and reliable delivery service,” Tony Fernandez, Chief Executive Officer of Air Asia Group commented.

Maybel Chan, Head of AirAsia Fresh explained, “At AirAsia Fresh, we aim to make groceries as convenient and affordable as possible. By leveraging on the AirAsia ecosystem which includes AirAsia farm, the B2B platform connecting farmers direct to the business owner, we can offer the best value and affordability to the customers while benefitting farmers.”

“We offer great value and a large variety. We start from as low as RM30 for a pack of vegetables to a large seafood pack for RM95 which customers can select up to 7 kilos of seafood. And there are 40 different types of seafood to choose from. For fruits, we have up to 17 different types of amazing fruits from papayas to kiwi that a customer select.

We are also happy to contribute towards the local economy by supporting the various local suppliers to reach more customers and create more jobs especially for Teleporters (delivery partners) as we expand our offerings on AirAsia fresh Furthermore, we are still offering Unlimited Free Delivery throughout the whole MCO period by using the promo code STAYHOME with only a minimum spend of RM30,” Maybel added.

Since operating four months across Klang Valley, AirAsia fresh has successfully delivered close to 3000 customer orders. Likewise, gaining tractions as customers constantly hunting for a new and convenient shopping experience.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO ) of Teleport, Pete Chareonwongsak said the initiative will create more jobs especially forteleporters (riders). As they aggressively expanding, they will continue to provide the best support to respective riders.

Online grocery shopping will further be ingrained as part and parcel of life, moving forward, AirAsia sets to expand the coverage to the secondary cities like Penang and Kota Kinabalu.

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