52 New Locations Identified For Urban Farming In KL

KL city will be transformed once the Federal Territories Ministry gets going with its expansion of its urban farming program to more spots which already been identified.

Starting of as means to support sustainable food source, the urban farming program can allow farm produce to be commercialised and give farmers a new source of income. Commenting on this, Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said this would enable those involved in the programme to generate their own capital to sustain the activity and not solely rely on government’s assistance.

“The urban farming programme is carried out on a small scale but we need (help from other parties) to market the produce.  This matter will be monitored by the ministry and there will also be an involvement of non-governmental organisations,”

There are currently 21 urban farming locations with another 52 locations with the total area of 27 hectares has been identified. The concept is well established in western cities, however when the pandemic hit many nations were affected by food shortage when lockdowns were implemented. Urban farming or urban agriculture will offer food source for people within the vicinity.

Most importantly the government should allow the public to run and operate these farms which it already does where a group of homeless individuals have been selected. They must be trained, skilled and given the opportunity to engage with buyers for the program to be a long term sustainable project.

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