Smart Working Is The Future Of Labour, Says Axa Group

AXA's Smart Working

Insurance and asset management company, AXA Group has launched “Smart Working”, a hybrid way of working model combining both remote work and office presence.

AXA’s Smart Working is about combining the best aspects of remote work and working in the office, without restricting any AXA employee from working full time in the office or at home when they want or need to.

“AXA’s people are central to the deployment of a new hybrid workplace in a post-Covid world of work. Smart Working will challenge our capability to live up to our values, nurture collaboration and innovative mindset and many more,” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AXA, Emmanuel Nivet said.

The first phase has started this year to develop an ecosystem that supports Smart Working. From technology enablement, change management, policy, and governance to the readiness of AXA’s employees.

The model will continue even after the mass vaccination roll-out which started on February 24 in Malaysia. AXA will move forward with ‘Smart Working” even after the whole world is vaccinated to facilitate the employees. Additionally, the group will focus on providing various training tools to improve employees’ digital capabilities and autonomy of people managers in applying this new way of working to harvest the benefits of this hybrid working model.


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