Clean Purified Water, Bare Essentials Every Malaysian Should Afford

Malaysia’s tap water is still not comfortable to be drank right of the pipes, while in European or American household the scene is common for people to hold a glass to the tap and chug away what comes out. Due to legacy or folklore there is an apprehension that our water is not clean or clear of impediments and from childhood we are told to only drink boiled water or we might get stomach ache if disobeyed! While the UN charter states that it is essential for all living human being on the planet to have access to clean water, a clause needs to be added to make it safe as well.

In our country we are blessed with plenty of fresh water and our taps rarely run dry, to be on the safe side many homes install water purifiers in order to make the water consumable without boiling. This becomes more prevalent as many spend more time at home and the new norm includes staying healthy. But with affordability being a major concern especially during there trying times, the questions beckons if every household can afford to install a very essential gadget that could possibly keep the family protected?

Coway Neo Plus- with just RM2, clean purified water 24/7 for every Malaysian

Fortunately for Malaysians, the answer is yes! Coway, which has established itself in Malaysia for more than one and half decade, has understood the needs of the people quite well and with the belief that everyone must have good clean water has made its water purifiers not only durable and reliable but also now more affordable. In fact its latest product the NEO PLUS water purifier is just doing that, a high-quality household appliances that will surely not burn a hole in your pocket.

“A healthy lifestyle does not necessarily cost a fortune, while a busy lifestyle does not mean having to sacrifice your health. Basic essentials including pure, clean water at the convenience of your home should be made affordable,” said Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia.

Coway’s NEO PLUS water purifier packs a variety of features it allows quick dispensation of pure water in three types of temperatures – ambient, hot and cold. The water purifier has user-friendly design for easy use by just adjusting the knob to choose the temperature, push the lever and clean water is dispensed

As for affordability, the 5.8 litre NEO PLUS is just RM65 per month which equates to just RM2 per day, a small price for clean water for the whole family and more. It also has Eco Mode power-saving feature meaning money saved on electricity bills and kind to the environment.

Coway Malaysia offers seven years free service – once in 2 months’ regular service with professional service personnel helping to sanitise the components of the water purifier such as water tank, faucets and change filters. The Neo Plus is currently available in the market.


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