Key Trends Brands Need To Look Out For Ahead Of Ramadan

Social media platform, Twitter and short-form video app, TikTok have highlighted key insights for brands to prepare the right strategy to connect with the social media’s audience during Ramadan.

Twitter’s new data shows that in 2020, 2021 and moving forward, Malaysians are spending more of their Ramadan on Twitter, and shifting the way that brands should think about Ramadan traditions.

Just as it did for Ramadan 2020, Twitter will enable Malaysians to observe #RamadanDiTwitter this year, as Malaysians use the service to carry on their traditions and create new traditions and memories even while being physically apart.

“While observations are still socially distanced this year; with #RamadanDiTwitter, Malaysians are starting their observances earlier, taking to Twitter to make up for face-to-face interactions, and making online shopping an ongoing part of their Ramadan routines.

With these insights, brands can drive growth for performance, navigate the conversation, and create relevant content to reach KPIs.” Twitter’s South East Asia (SEA) Managing Director, Arvinder Gujral said.

The first trend for Malaysian Twitter during Ramadan brands to take note is Malaysians prepare earlier for Ramadan in the new normal as this was heightened during #RamadanDiRumah, when anticipation and preparation for Ramadan increased earlier than in previous years.

In 2020, Ramadan conversations increased on Twitter one month before Ramadan, with 25 percent growth in Tweet volume compared to 2019 according to Twitter’s Brandwatch.

Additionally, the second trend is that Malaysians care about the same topics, even while celebrating Ramadan at home. With the growth of Ramadan conversation in 2020, Malaysians were eager to talk about several topics during #RamadanDiRumah like ‘balik kampung’ and food.

Thirdly, Social media will play a key role in Malaysians’ online Ramadan celebrations this year as people plan to use social media more to stay connected with family and friends, and it is the online activity that they are looking forward to the most.

“66 percent say that using social media will be their most anticipated activity during Ramadan, with 87 percent saying they will use social media apps more than usual as they stay connected,” Arvinder added.

The fourth trend is people turn to Twitter to be entertained at home during Ramadan. During Ramadan 2020, Malaysians drove an increase in demand for content related to food and cooking, (+5 percent over Ramadan 2019) and comedy (+2 percent).

Arvinder pointed out that brands should also take note of the rise of social commerce because the rise is an opportunity for brands to stay connected with their audience during the holy month of Ramadan.

“With the shift to #RamadanDiTwitter in 2020, Malaysians shifted much of their offline activities to online. For #RamadanDiTwitter in 2021 and beyond, they plan to continue this trend, with 70 percent of Malaysians planning to retain online shopping for future Ramadans,” he said.

The sixth trend is that Malaysians are looking for brands in online conversations. Amidst the growth of this trend, 81 percent of Malaysians say they want to hear more from brands, and 68 percent welcome experts’ opinions before making purchases according to Twitter’s GlobalWebIndex.

Additionally, Marketing Communications Manager of TikTok SEA, Imran Khan said consumers are spending more time online, with close to 3.5 billion minutes spent on shopping apps during the Ramadan season.

“As we close in on an entire year of adapting to the new normal, we see that the spirit of Ramadan lives on despite social distancing and imposed movement control orders nationwide. Regardless of the situation, people still turn online to help them celebrate Ramadan and Hari Raya,” he added.

For the short-video app, TikTok explained that the platform’s user engagement rose 12.5 percent on average, with 52 percent of users saying they learn about new products via brands’ video ads on TikTok during Ramadan last year.

“What is interesting is that 61 percent of TikTok users feel that advertising on the platform is unique while 67 percent agree TikTok has helped them get ideas about brands/products they had never thought of before,” Imran said.

He added that TikTok is having a surge of user engagement on the platform as 90 percent of TikTok users have seen ads on TikTok, and more than half (56 percent) of these searches for more information about the ad users just watched.

Additionally, a key contributor to the high level of engagement on TikTok can be attributed to the fact that 92.3 percent of users do not use a second screen while on TikTok.

“With TikTok for Business, brands of all sizes are given the tools to be discovered and connect with the broader communities around them. They will find it easier to tap into unique opportunities that can only be found through TikTok, engaging with users in a safe, positive and immersive manner.”

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