Lay Hong Farms Declared Free From Contamination, Eggs Are Safe

After a thorough and extensive check by the Department of Veterinary Services, Lay Hong the company in the middle of a controversy regarding Salmonella Enteritidis contamination of their eggs is now declared negative and free from any exposure to the bacteria.

The Jeram farm where the investigation was conducted has now been struck off the suspension list and will be now allowed to continue to supply the eggs from its facility. The company was subjected to a very comprehensive investigation conducted by the agency, which included testing on the eggs, environment chicken faeces, cloacal swap, feed, water and others from each farm at the lab in DVS Salak Tinggi.

The testings were completed after more than a week of suspension since SE was found in the eggs exported from Jeram Farm 1 – CES 008 to Singapore.   

Executive Director Dato’ Yap Chor How was pleased with the results and added that the recent contamination case was very unlikely to be from their farm “we welcome the negative results for SE in ALL our farms as it proves that all our eggs are free of SE contamination. The results also showed that it is unlikely that the SE contamination discovered recently occurred at any of our farms.”

Following the negative results of the SE testing, DVS will initiate engagement with the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) in regards to the matter and hope it will uplift the export suspension. Also, in reference to a recent announcement by Singapore and AEON Co. (M) Berhad for the recall of eggs coded CEM 014, Lay Hong claims the eggs were not from its farms.


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